Short Stories (Fiction)

Simple pleasures of life

For about nine months since her birth, Saraswathi had never been outside her room. She was diagnosed with a strange disease since her birth which kept her in the incubator all this long. Recently, the doctors recommended that she could be taken out and slowly start living a normal life. So, Krishna and Snehal were more than happy. But since their daughter has never been outside her room, they wanted to show something special for the first time when she came out.

Snehal: What do we show her?

Krishna: Maybe we could run a DVD of the latest animation picture in my laptop and show it to her?

Snehal: That would be quite normal. I want to show her something special.

Krishna: We’ll show her my Iphone. I have got this new theme….

Snehal: Forget it. I want to show something natural.

Krishna: Let us show the red roses in the garden.

Snehal: Where is the garden?

Krishna: Well, we have some pots having red roses in our balcony right?

Snehal: We had one pot which you brought before three months and the plant has died since as you never watered it.

Krishna: No one has responsibility in this house! Ok, then maybe we could take her in the car and Ill drive at 80 KM per hour. That should be a great experience for her!

Snehal: I think I know what to do. Wait, let me check the calendar. Yes, today is the right day. Ill go and open the terrace. You bring her up there. And close her eyes with your hands while you bring her up.


Krishna: I am here.

Snehal: Ok. Now hold her in a position that she can see the sky when you take off your hands.

Krishna: Ok. Now here goes off my hands…..

The night sky was in its full splendor. It was a full moon day. There were almost no clouds and even some stars were visible. The kid should have loved the sight. But Krishna was even more exited.

Krishna: Wow Snehal, it is a lovely sight. The full moon is beautiful.

Snehal: Isn’t it?

Krishna: But, why didn’t you tell me before?

Snehal: Is this some kind of a breaking news which I was hiding from you? How long has it been since you came to the terrace and saw the moon?

Krishna: It’s been some years, I guess. Before I joined my IT job, I used to stare at the moon and wonder when I’ll get a job! And before that I used to come to the terrace to write poems.

Snehal: You and your IT job. You don’t seem to have the time for even enjoying the simple pleasures of life! By the way, what was the new theme that you were mentioning to have just put on your iphone?

Krishna: ‘Full Moon’!!


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