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Ich Will


Rammstein is a music band in Germany, which comes out with songs and music videos with a sinister touch. Sometimes they mock, sometimes they make fun of people, sometimes they show the irony of things, sometimes they are just bad boys! In the words of their makers – “I think the best part is the bad boy feeling we get across. It is inside us, and it shows too”

In this music album of theirs, “Ich will” which means “I want”, they act as a music band that wants publicity by robbing a bank. In the words of their makers – “The media accompany the band (after the bank robbery incident) and the band has ultimate success. The band has also lost everything and gone to jail but that’s a small sacrifice for their publicity”!

“Every movie nowadays shows people getting murdered and slaughtered and run over. But if you show a weapon in a music video, then everyone gets upset. I think it is ridiculous. The way I see it, we’re the bad guys who by doing an evil deed, still earn the recognition of the masses because the masses are interested. They worship sinister things. You earn more recognition by doing something violent than by doing something good. And that shows how the attention we get by robbing the bank makes us a favourite of the media”

Spot on. They make fun (mock) of the media and the attitude of the people towards media, both.

In fact, in the video, at least in two places they communicate this message: In one scene, the members of the music band die by the flash of the cameras (they make it look like dying after being hit by a bullet, by falling down) clearly mocking the media and in another scene, when the group comes out of the bank, the media rush towards them to take photos and videos close up, even though all the police are behind holding their guns carefully and cautiously!

I wanted to upload the version of this song with English subtitles, but then decided that the video conveys more than the words and reading the subtitles actually distracts observing the minute details.

Their take on Amerika in another video is quite funny. If you want, you can click here to view the youtube video.

Talk about being different!

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