Bhavani Sagar Dam & Gardens in Sathyamangalam

Bhavani Sagar Dam in Sathyamangalam, which is around 85 KM from Coimbatore is a huge dam constructed across the river Bhavani. To go from Coimbatore, one could take a bus from Coimbatore to Sathyamangalam but get down in Puliyampettai, and take a town bus from there to Bhavani Sagar Dam. If someone is coming from Karnataka, they could come to Sathyamangalam, and take a town bus to the dam from there, as well.

photo taken in bhavani sagar dam Like the Azhiyar Dam, Bhavani Sagar Dam is also located in a picturesque place. But unlike the Azhiyar Dam, one is not allowed to go and walk over the dam, to enjoy the view, for reasons that cannot be specified here!

photos taken in bhavanisagar damIt seems this dam was built in the early 1950’s, and is one of the largest in the country. Its quite huge indeed!

bavani sagar dam near coimbatoreThe first picture was taken from one side of this spot, and the third picture (above) taken from the other side of the same spot! Now you get an idea of the size of the dam… From the extreme left hand side of this photo, the Dam extends a couple of hundred meters along a small channel of water!

bhavani sagar dam in sathyamangalamstream of water in bhavani sagar dam sathyThis is the stream of water I was mentioning above. The dam extends on the right hand side of this stream and we can walk down a small path on the left hand side of this stream. There are even some openings in the middle where we can get down an perhaps touch the stream. This photo was taken after going down in one such opening.

bhavani sagar dam garden in sathyamangalamThere is a garden in front of this dam, which makes it a good picnic spot in this area. There are a few things that children could play with (like swings, etc) and there is also a small closed channel of water for boating, shown in the below picture. A nice picnic spot for spending half a day.

bhavani sagar dam gardens in sathy near coimbatore

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15 thoughts on “Bhavani Sagar Dam & Gardens in Sathyamangalam

  1. All the dams were picturesque ones… the way they are built are amazing..

    If some dam is built now it will be of very highest class but sadly no more dam will come up as there is no river running 🙁 🙁

    1. I guess if we are not able to link rivers nationally, at least 2-3 states should share the river water. There is no point if so much of water goes to the sea – it needs to be more efficiently used.

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  2. These are very good pictures. How did you take these pictures? I mean how did you manage to get full view from different angles without anyone else in the pictures?

    1. But if you ask the people here, they will say ‘there is nothing in and around coimbatore’!! 🙂

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  3. Wow Rajesh! You are totally bringing back my childhood memories!! Bavanisagar village or town, however you call it now, was then a village when I used to spend my annual holidays! My uncle’s house was in govt quarters near to a stream. Have had great fun climbing on top of the tree, stealing tamarinds, taking bath on its local “vaikaal” and watching movies in “Tentkottaai”
    I even have photos of this dam preserved in my childhood album!! Have u been to bannari amman temple there?

    1. No I did not – I go to temples where there is some good architecture, primarily to take photos for my blog 🙂

      Throughout my childhood, I was always in one city or town! Wish I had stayed in some village!!

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  4. u have reminded me of my childhood days when i used to visit bhavanisagar in holidays as my uncle stayed there in govt quarters and as he worked in the dam we were allowed to go on the top and have a splendid view of the dam. and like u though my grand parents stayed in a beautiful village near gobi with lot of greenery i grew up in cities. but atleast vacation was there for me

    1. I have never stayed in a village, when I was young, because all my relatives houses were in cities or towns. They could allow people to go on the top of the dam – as you say, the view should be beautiful! They can, if they want to – On one day in a year, they allow people to go on the top of the dam it seems!

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  5. Bhavanisakar Dam with Garden are very beautiful places to enjoy…………….. Try this location for vacations…..Also the famous Bannari Amman Temple is situated nearer to this dam…………….

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