Kodiveri Falls & Dam in Sathyamangalam

Sathyamangalam (also called as Sathy) is around 85 KM from Coimbatore, and situated en-route to Mysore. This region is surrounded by thick forests, and one might have already heard the name of this place as Veerappan used to live in these forests. This district borders Karnataka, and Mysore is quite close from here.

Sathyamangalam is well connected to Coimbatore, and there is a bus that leaves to Sathy once in every fifteen minutes. The entrance ticket fees for Kodiveri Dam is Rs. 5/-. There are two entrances for this Falls, so before buying the ticket ask if that entrance is the one where the public is allowed to go inside the falls and take bath. If not, you have to go to the other side of the river – you can also take a small round boat to cross the river.

kodiveri falls near sathyamangalam district in coimbatoreThe Kodiveri falls & Dam is situated on the Sathyamangalam – Gobi Chetty Palayam route. It is around 13 KM from Sathyamangalam. One needs to get down at Kodiveri and walk for around two KM, to reach the falls. Local busses are available from Sathy.

bhavani river in gobi chetty palayam and sathyamangalam in kodiveri The Kodiveri falls are situated on the Bhavani river (shown in the above photo) – It seems it is a perennial river and water is available throughout the year.

round boat in kodiveri falls in sathyamangalam and gobi chetty palayam The entrance to the Kodiveri falls is available on both sides of the Bhavani river. One can hire this round boat (shown in the above photo) to go from one side to another. It seems people can also walk across the river (just above the falls) but that seemed too risky! If you have been to Hogenakkal, you know how much fun it is to ride on one of these boats. The boatman even circles the boat easily to increase the thrill!

kodiveri falls in sathyamangalam and gobi districtkodiveri dam and falls in sathy near coimbatoreThe Kodiveri falls is referred to as ‘Mini Niagra Falls’ here πŸ˜‰ But as you can see, the falls is pretty long and on the other side of the river, people can get in to the falls and take bath. The green building is like an observatory.

kodiveri dam in sathyamangalamOk, this is not exactly a dam! Its definitely nothing like the neighboring Bhavani Sagar Dam. The river splits in to two channels just before the falls, and one of the channels flows through this way. So, they have constructed a divider to block the water and control its force. The person in-charge of this opening, can open and close the channels to block or allow the water. Actually, this water goes in a small canal after this, and is used for watering the neighboring farms. During floods, they will close the channel it seems.

A nice picnic spot, but one has to go from the other side of the river. Or hire a boatΒ  from here to take them there.

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16 thoughts on “Kodiveri Falls & Dam in Sathyamangalam

    1. The height is quite less indeed… its pretty small, but its quiet long. That Niagra comparison was a joke πŸ™‚

      Destination Infinity

    1. I read it somewhere, just before going to the (supposedly) falls…. Maybe micro niagra might have been better? πŸ™‚

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  1. My uncle lived in Sathy for about a brief 2-3 years, and I’ve spent a few of my annual days there! Remember my uncle’s house was near to a river like this, and near to a local market and a theatre, where I saw Ulagam sutrum valiban πŸ™‚
    Beautiful falls! Wish to visit this place again!!

  2. My native is kodiveri. In was born and lived there 25 years before my marriage. It is very good place and healthy too. kodiveri dam is nature gift.

  3. Nice place kodiveri, I’m enjoying this place; don’t forgettable at moment, my relatives stay in erod, coming November I come to eroad, ya I’m really happy, I like this eroad

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