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Rock Gardens in Malampuzha Palakkad – Modern Art at its best!

When I went to Malampuzha dam in Palakkad – Kerala, I saw everything adjacent to it and was returning back to Palakkad. Without knowing, I took a wrong way – about a Kilometer down the wrong way (the way that doesn’t go to Palakkad), I found this Rock Gardens. I was intrigued by the name and decided to go inside. The ticket charge was Rs. 10/- and I thought why they were charging ten rupees for a garden and went inside without any expectations.

I didn’t know that what I would see there would be the best part of the trip!! Even people who would have visited the dam might have missed this place! But if you ever go to the Malampuzha dam, the Rock Gardens are a must visit. Heck, you could go primarily to the Rock Gardens and visit the dam too… 😛 . Its a feast to the eye, and a feast to the camera as well! In short, its modern art at its best 🙂

rock gardens palakkad kerala modern fusion statue of a womanI found so many beautiful sculptures, paintings, statues and many more all adhering perfectly to the theme of ‘Modern art’. The art you find there is truly modern and unique in every sense. I really don’t know how they managed to come up with so many impressive things, but I will just share a small part of what I found there, below.

rock gardens palakkad - modern art - dancing woman bharathanattyamrock gardens palakkad kerala dinosaurrock gardens palakkad statues of people - modern artrock gardens palakkad kathakkali and karali paintings - modern artrock gardens palakkad - bird statues - modern artrock gardens palakkad - lion and elephant paintings - modern art rock gardens palakkad - statues of people with stick - modern artrock gardens palakkad - modern art - elephant statues and charriot paintingsrock gardens palakkad two soldiers statue - modern artrock gardens palakkad - modern art - paintings of elephants with umbrellasrock gardens palakkad modern art of indian dancing woman

You can have a look at many more photos taken at the Rock gardens, Palakkad from the below embedded video slide show (Youtube, 3 min:09 sec)

Destination Infinity

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