Trees without leaves

Have you noticed, trees without leaves look beautiful! I was going to Vaidhehi Falls in Coimbatore (which btw has been closed for public since two years, because of roaming elephants it seems), when I saw a number of such trees standing alone. Since it was a good sight for clicks, I took some photos which I have published below.

When I was searching in Google for why trees shed leaves, I got all sort of reasons – Conserve energy, hibernation, stop manufacturing food, lack of sunlight, lack of water, aging of leaves, summer, winter, etc. I am not sure which are all the truth, but you see the photos below 🙂

tree without leaves in front of a mountain (photo)tree without leaves in front of a templetree without leaves standing alonetree without leaves on the roadtree without leaves in coimbatore Tamil Nadu IndiaDestination Infinity

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12 thoughts on “Trees without leaves

    1. If the people of coimbatore had told me that the falls was closed, i would not have got these pictures 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  1. lovely pictures.. I love trees in all seasons.. with or without leaves, they always look great 🙂 Reason for shredding leaves – probably conserve energy and to retain water? not sure

    1. That water thing should be true, especially in India, where there is very less water in summer.

      Destination Infinity

  2. To my knowledge they shed leaves to conserve their moisture in the trunk and branches, rather than drying out and dying. If they don’t have leaves, they don’t need more energy to keep themselves alive.
    I love to watch trees without leaves…they are beautiful against blue skies or white winters!!

    1. Strange, when I was going I never noticed any of these trees. But when I came back, i noticed all of them. Shows how much we concentrate if we want to do a blog post!

      Destination Infinity

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