The Marina Beach in Chennai

The Marina Beach, is located in the heart of Chennai and is considered to be one of the longest beaches in the world (The whole stretch from the harbor to Besant Nagar beach is around 14 KM). At places, the beach (filled with soft sand) extends over widths of even 300-400 meters. Marina Beach is one of the most popular (and crowded) tourist destination in Chennai, but it can accommodate all the people!

Actually I wanted to start early – I thought I could capture the beautiful sunrise in the early morning (along with the sea), but me and my cousins reached the place by around 11:00 AM!! You just can’t do such things in May in Chennai – By then, the sun had not only risen, but it was blazing hot. No wonder the beach was almost empty – except for us, that is! 🙂

Beach sand in marina beach chennaiWhen we were young, we would love to run on the sand of this beach removing our slippers. But thankfully, this time we decided against it. If the sun was radiating heat, the sand was reflecting it and we were caught in between! 🙂

Light House in Marina Beach ChennaiThe above picture shows the light house (Well, you need to look really carefully – its the red and white tiny structure far away). It is much taller than what appears in this photo, but I wanted to show the spherical balls along with the lighthouse (primarily to showcase my photographic skills), but in the process the lighthouse got diminished – well never mind 😉 Previously, it seems, they were allowing people to climb to the top of the light house to have an Ariel view of the beach – but now they don’t.

walkers lane in marina beach chennaiMany people might be surprised to know this – the beach is neat and clean. Before the modernization project was taken up a couple of years ago, this beach used to be quite – well, lets settle with ‘not so well kept’. But as you can see, they have spent a lot of money to modernize the beach and it has come out rather well.

In fact, the whole beach looks beautiful now. You can see the walkers lane and the stylish lampposts in the above picture, but there also another road, that runs parallel to the main road for about three kilo meters (on the right hand side of the above picture) in which we could drive with a bike/car. But surviving the new drivers who are learning how to drive & the fastest motor sport drivers (in their 100 CC bikes), in that lane is a skill that needs to be mastered!

Roofless roof in marina beach chennaiYou know when I got angry? When I saw the structure in the above photo. I agree, its been artistically done – The designer pillars, steel rods over them and all. But, we were roaming across the beach in mid-day sun, yearning for some shade and guess what we found – This roofless pillars!

It would have been sooooo cute in Ooty or Munnar – But they should have anticipated that some people go to the beach in the not-so-cool afternoons and covered this with some sheet (at least), to give some minimum shade. I slept for about six hours after coming back – I know it was my fault, one cannot blame the Government for everything 🙂

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20 thoughts on “The Marina Beach in Chennai

  1. The beach looks neat,when i visited chennai few years back i was told not to go there as the beach is not neat and clean.

    Reg the roof less pillars,they don’t know that there will be people like u who will go to beach at 11.00 am and roam around sweating……

    I found chennai weather is horrible even after summer…

    1. Even few years back, the Besant Nagar beach was quite neat – that one has been maintained quite well. I think cleanliness depends more on the people who visit than about what the authorities are doing.

      I have done that 11:00 AM roaming around more than a couple of times in Coimbatore – So, maybe by habit I went around again at the same time here 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  2. yes a lovely beach , I rememebr my school trip there and then in the 90’s i had gone there , at that time i am sure all this was not there ..

    thanks for sharing


    1. Yeah, the renovation was done recently. I heard that the lighting in very good in the nights – need to take a picture during the night as well…

      Destination Infinity

  3. The beach looks much better and clean than the times I visited. 🙂

    About the roofless structure, not many people would be going on a summer afternoon to beach. So not many will complain… The government is for majority.. 😛

    1. Yeah, I am in the minority – But even Anna Hazare is in the minority 🙂 This might turn out to be the year of minorities 😉

      Destination Infinity

  4. You have captured the best angles to photograph our Marina beach! Yes, long back, it used to be very very dirty. We used to feel not so good to walk barefoot on the beach because we noticed a few glass pieces in the sand. We can’t blame the govt. for everything…it is the people who visit do not bother to throw the waste in the bins…oh, did you notice any dust bins there? This, the govt. can do even if they don’t provide shades for unusual visitors at 11 in the morning in the scorching sun!

    I had climbed the Light house when I was in school, long back. Some people had jumped from the top floor and so it was closed for the public later on.

    Besant nagar beach is closer to us and so it is long time since we had visited Marina. Now, feel like going there soon!

    1. I did not notice many dustbins there. I don’t know – I didn’t look for them specifically. Besant Nagar beach has been kept quite clean for all these years (despite being under the same Government) – So, I guess it depends on the type of people who visit the beaches. I have never gone to the top of the light house! Lucky you 🙂

      Destination Infinity

    1. Perhaps this is the best time to go there – Its new, neat and well maintained. So, do go there next time you visit…

      Destination Infinity

  5. I had been to this beach two years back. It was very crowded and quite dirty. But it looks amazing in these pictures. May be they decided to clean it up. 🙂 Nice pictures 🙂

    1. Yeah, there was a major renovation that happened recently – and they are maintaining it well now….

      Destination Infinity

    1. This is the first of maybe three part series on beach – I got a lot of photos of this place!

      Destination Infinity

    1. This beach was not so neat earlier – but now they are maintaining it well. Yeah, even in December, I need to switch on the fan!

      Destination Infinity

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