My Autobiography – The Cycle Dash

I have started a new category in my blog called ‘Autobiography‘. So, occasionally I will be posting some interesting events that happened in my life when I was young. As you all know, I want to write my auto-biography when I am 60. But, it is natural for people to forget the important & interesting events that happened when they were very young, at that age. So, I thought why not record some interesting events I remember now in my blog so that I can refer to these incidents, when writing my autobiography after 31 years (from now, so I will write it when I am 60 years old).

The Cycle Dash:

I should have been studying in 7th/ 8th Standard that time. I used to go to school and come back in a cycle. Normally, I am a decent rider driving slowly and carefully. But one day, when I was returning home I was all excited (maybe about a cricket match) and wanted to reach home early.

So, I was driving pretty fast. Nothing happened till I reached near the apartments where we stayed – things were fine. When near the gate, I had to take a left to go in to the apartment complex. There was another cyclist (maybe 35-40 years of age) who was riding ahead of me.

The logical thing to do (and what I would have done normally) would be to slow down and then take a left after he crosses the gate. But that day, due to my excitement and speed I was in no mood to slow down.

So, I overtook him and immediately took a left turn. Its called a ‘Cut’ – Mostly when you give a ‘cut’ to another cyclist (in this style), they will either have to apply sudden brake and try to stop the cycle (or) as it mostly happens, they will fall down on their left hand side.

We kids were used to playing the ‘cut’ and falling down (In fact, we used to play a lot of cycle games back then – Cut, Follow, Slow Racing, Speed racing. We even tried cycle football, but the other residents in the apartments were not as enthusiastic about getting dashed like us 🙂 So, we had to stop it after playing just one session), but this person who was driving in front of me seems to have been taken by total surprise and must have had a good fall!

Must have had, because in my hurry I didn’t turn to look back – Why would I be bothered about such inconsequential events like someone falling on the road, when a cricket match is going on? 😛

Since both my parents were working, we used to give our house keys with our neighbors in another block. So, I went there, got down from my cycle, requested for the house keys and was waiting for that neighboring uncle to bring the keys.

After a couple of seconds, I casually turn right. This guy (who I had dashed on the road), was also waiting!! We exchanged glances for a couple of seconds and I was thinking, ‘Hey man, what are you doing here??’ and he was probably thinking, ‘Wait. Let your father come – I will complain to him’ 😀

Then Uncle did come with the keys. Before he could even hand over the keys, this guy who was waiting (perhaps as impatiently as me), started – ‘Sir, please ask your son to drive properly on the road. He does not watch who is in front of him. He dashed me………’ And he continued this uninteresting monologue for about five minutes!

All this time, I was looking innocently with my head bent down. I mean, what could I do? This dashed guy doesn’t even bother to check whether he was speaking to my father or not!! After about five minutes, he leaves. During that period, neither I utter a single word, nor this neighboring uncle utters a single word.

Then I look at the uncle in deep embarrassment. He smiles. I blush, snatch the keys from his hands and speed towards my house. Yeah, I was dedicated to my goal – watching the cricket match!!  Fortunately, this information never reached my parents 🙂

I even remember thinking, ‘What a mature person that uncle is. Any other uncle would have come home and complained to my parents at least for ten minutes!’. So, if you are reading this – Thanks to you uncle, and my sincere sorries to you cyclist! 😀

Destination Infinity

These articles are a part of my marketing campaign to sell my autobiography (which I am going to write when I become 60 years old). It will come out in the name of ‘Destination Infinity’ – So, please buy it when it comes out 🙂

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19 thoughts on “My Autobiography – The Cycle Dash

    1. Not all the posts will be funny. Some of them will be quite serious too. For some reason, certain events in our life just stay in our minds – I want to write about such events…

      Destination Infinity

  1. lol
    excellent great to know that you met such uncle.
    will be waiting for next event.
    cut is very common in every Indian village and city.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t even thank him for that, back then. That’s why thanking him now 🙂
      The ‘cut’ was so exciting – we were excited even to fall down due to a ‘cut’ – Don’t know why elders didn’t share the enthusiasm we kids had 😉

      Destination Infinity

  2. 🙂 cricket match ke liye kuch bhi karega he he eheh 🙂

    excellent idea we all have so many lovely tit bits to share .. Looking forward to this category because it remind of our childhood we all have done the same things in different ways …


    1. We all have done the same thing in different ways 🙂 Yeah, back then I was pretty crazy about cricket matches…

      Destination Infinity

  3. Great uncle, he is and very understanding!

    You were a typical school boy!

    We will think about buying after we check some pages, we might have already read them in your posts! Don’t you thin 31 is too young to write, why not 40 at least!

    1. No, I will write it when I am 60 years old (31 years from now, is what I meant) – I have made the correction in the post. And I will reveal very less (only the tip of the iceberg) in this blog. Its like a sample 🙂 And besides, writing here can help me in marketing/ familiarization of that book from now itself!!

      Destination Infinity

  4. Good way to introduce us to your life bit by bit 🙂
    Haha I actually imagined that entire sequence…. 😀 LOL… it was funny alright….! Good writing skills you got there…

    1. Yeah, strangely my embarrassment is funny to me as well 🙂 Ek kitab ko bechne ke liye kya kya likhna padta hai!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  5. This post has to be commented, no matter what.. with this motto, I landed on the comments section.. One customer is already ready to buy your book (hope I will be alive by the time you publish it and will be capable of walking to the bookstore :P)
    That uncle is very sweet.. and lol at the guy who fell 🙂
    Will look out for this series!

    1. Well, if I am able to write and publish it, you’ll be able to buy and read it – Don’t worry 🙂 So, first pre-order commitment for my book…. yayyyyyy 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  6. ha ha ha…..That was hilarious DI. 🙂 BTW I liked the idea of Cycle Football. Maybe you could explain the game in one of your posts. India might get a new sport 😉

    1. Its simple, instead of running and hitting the football, we need to keep riding on our cycles and hit it. The problem with this game was, we were too focused on the ball, and not so much focused on where the cycle was going. So, we dashed each other, and also some residents. So, we were asked not to continue this game!

      Destination Infinity

    1. Yeah, otherwise I may forget some incidents after 31 years! 🙂 And besides, this can be a good marketing platform to create awareness about my auto-biography!

      Destination Infinitiy

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