My favorite top ten South Indian songs for April 2011

I considered four languages for ‘South Indian’ – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada & Malayalam. The songs that are mentioned here are from movies that were released in the month of April 2011.

The selection and ratings are my own and I did not take any public poll or have a look at any popularity rating while deciding on the below positions. If I have left some songs, you have to understand that its not possible to listen to all the songs and some of them are not available online.

Do let me know what you think about the selection. You can just listen to the top four songs to understand how good Indian popular music is, and can be. Some songs (especially the two Malayalam songs) show extraordinary depth in the singers voice – Listen to them to understand how good pure vocals can be and how wonderful Indian traditional music is.Β  And all this, is just for the albums released in one month in just four states of India, without even considering the wonderful Bollywood (Hindi) songs / songs from other Indian languages.

I thinkΒ  there are two things that India is impossible to beat – Depth in traditional music (Heck, even popular music) & the variety of vegetarian dishes.

Anyways, lets go to the countdown of my favorite top ten South Indian songs for April 2011:

Song No. 10 – Sanju Mattu Geetha (Language – Kannada; Movie – Sanju Weds Geetha)

Song No. 9 – Ore Oru Varthai Pesu (Language – Tamil; Movie – Tenkasi Pakkathule)

Song No. 8 – Jeevitham (Language – Malayalam; Movie – City of God)

Song No. 7 – Evan De Unna Pethan (Language – Tamil; Movie – Vaanam)

Song No. 6 – Edi Aa Vennila (Language – Telugu; Movie – Manchivadu)

Song No. 5 – Kaalangal (Language – Malayalam; Movie – City of God)

Song No. 4 – Nee Naade Naa (Language – Kannada; Movie – Murali Meets Meera)

Song No. 3 – Ennamo Edho (Language – Tamil; Movie – Ko)

Song No. 2 – Gaganave Baagi (Language – Kannada; Movie – Sanju weds Geetha)

Song No. 1 – Lokame Kothaga (Language – Telugu; Movie – Lokame Kothaga)

Enjoy πŸ™‚


24 thoughts on “My favorite top ten South Indian songs for April 2011

    1. Yeah, this format allows the readers to listen to any number of songs they want. They can just listen to the top song, or top four or all the ten. But whatever, they can start listening from the best song first.

      Destination Infinity

  1. Good lord, I definitely need more touch with South Indian songs….! I know none of them except song 3 !! 😯

    Let me check them out!! πŸ™‚

    1. Actually, before this month even I was unfamiliar with all the songs except song no. 3. Then I thought, I should do something to start listening to popular songs because now I have some time. I like all the ten songs put up above and they are very special to me.

      Destination Infinity

    1. You should have heard the Telugu songs at least – they should be playing it in the channels in AP no? Anyways, listen to the Song No. 1 no, its a Telugu song!

      Destination Infinity

    1. I too don’t know Malayalam and Kannada. I am just familiar with some words in either language, but I can’t speak either. Music has no language Bikram. Recently I enjoyed listening to a French song with just the voice and guitar – nothing else. But it was a very nice song πŸ™‚ Hindi songs, I will try – I have always been a huge fan of Hindi music πŸ™‚

      Destination Infinity

    1. Yeah, it seems to be popular. Two songs which I have mentioned from that movie are quite outstanding.

      Destination Infinity

  2. Nice list. Even though I speak Kannada, I hardly listen to it. Let me listen to the ones you have mentioned. Why dont you make this a regular feature on your blog? That way we will know about good songs πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, this will be a regular monthly feature in this blog. Well, at least for the next three months. I’ll try to continue even after that.

      Destination Infinity

  3. I do not listen any other South Indian Language film otherthan tamil. So in the list of 3 tamil songs, Ennamo edho I accept. Somehow I didn’t like ‘Evandi Unnai pethan’.. I never heard the third song , is there a film ‘Tenkasi pakkathula’? πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah, there seems to be a film called Tenkasi Pakkathule and there also seems to be a good song in that πŸ™‚ Its a slow and melodious song with good depth in voice – Do listen if you like such songs.

      ‘Evandi Unnai Pethan’ has got some mixed reviews, I do agree. But that’s the only fast paced song I have selected – Some how I liked that song! Its sort of catchy πŸ™‚

      Destination Infinity

  4. There are utter melodies are comin in kannada so, Rajesh you should have heard many kannada songs then there would be atleast 9 songs in the list.

    1. This list has songs from movies that were released in April 2011 only. For May and subsequent months, I will do a separate post. BTW, do you know any good site to listen to kannada songs online? Not download, just listening online. If you know any good site, let me know because I am not able to listen to songs from certain latest movies in Kannada online and hence I might have missed some songs.

      Destination Infinity

    1. Thanks for mentioning those sites – Raaga doesn’t seem to have all the latest Kannada songs and I am yet to see the other site.

      Destination Infinity

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