Do more for me – Why are facebook applications/games so shy to be so helpful?

Why are facebook applications/games so shy? See, they ‘just’ want my permission to do the following (In order to enable me to access an application/game):

* Access my basic profile information like name, profile pic, gender, networks, user-id, list of friends, birthday, etc, etc.

* Access “Any other information I’ve shared with anyone!!”

* Access posts in my news feed.

* Access my birth date.

* Email me directly.

* Post status messages on my wall (On my behalf!)

* Post notes, photos, videos to my wall!!

* Access my data any time including when I am not using the application!

So, why not do more for me? Why just stop with the above? Maybe you can,

* ‘Comment’ and ‘reply to comments’ on my behalf.

* ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ on my behalf.

* ‘Chat’ on my behalf.

* Add more ‘friends’ on my behalf.

* Change my profile information and profile pic, on my behalf.

* Access my ‘Email Inbox’, on my behalf.

!!!!! ????? What else ????? !!!!!

Destination Infinity

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23 thoughts on “Do more for me – Why are facebook applications/games so shy to be so helpful?

  1. He he he….. These games are a menace. I loath them. The thought of sharing one’s private information just for the sake of playing some online game, which tells you which actor you resemble the most, is not very comforting. 🙂 And anyway, most of these games make no sense. Remember Farmville??? 🙂

    1. Its not only true but these applications spam our friends wall and keep posting all sorts of messages! Wonder why FB has not done anything to stop this.

      Destination Infinity

  2. yes so true , I hate it when they say Allow this app to access info.. WEll WHY .. dont post on my wall if you dont have permission .. I think facebook should look into it ..

    moreover people have VEHLA time using these app’s and spending hours deciding how much I love them , Or where do i stand in there friend list , or they in mine .. Or other silly apps ..

    I hope the new Google + thing does not have this I am sure more people will join it and leave facebook ..

    1. I think there should be some options – Like allow this app to mail me (for notification) but don’t allow it to post any messages on my wall! I mean we should decide what the applications are supposed to do and what they are not.

      G+ is new. So, right now its cool. But who knows what will happen when the commercial elements get into it. In my opinion Google might handle such things better.

      Destination Infinity

  3. I don’t like facebook. Just for voting for one blog friend’s photo contest, it is asking me to register, then all the other questions you have mentioned above! I didn’t vote! I saw many many people voting for a long time. How do they bear it?

    They can play on our behalf too!

    1. LOL on playing on our behalf! BTW I don’t even vote if a site asks me to login using facebook or twitter ID’s!!

      Destination Infinity

    1. Spamming is the real problem with these apps. Its like unasked for self advertisement using an innocent person’s profile without their permission/ liking.

      Destination Infinity

    1. Yeah – I am not sure why FB is still allowing the terms for apps / games to be so flexible.

      Destination Infinity

    1. Actually there was one company that advertised itself to give protection to facebook links and strongly suggested that I do not allow an application to access my data/ write on my wall. I was impressed with it and decided that I wanted to add the application. Guess what? This one was asking permission for doing all those same things too! 🙂 I was fed up and decided not to be included in any application.

      Destination Infinity

  4. Good points! And that’s exactly why I have banned all applications from my account. Facebook is bad enough where lack of privacy is concerned, and adding any other applications makes it really bad.

    1. And people are criticizing Google+ !! But I think except a couple of applications we may not need others.

      Destination Infinity

  5. LOL…. Seriously all these games were spamming the wall.. This is why I don’t play games at facebook at all.. Instead there are many other websites just for games which are far better than the ones in fb.. we can use fb just for social networking..

    1. Yeah, social networking is the only thing that facebook does very well. I liked orkut too, in that regard.

      Destination Infinity

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