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If anyone wants a Google+ invite, comment here with your gmail address

I know, there are ample number of social networks already and many of us spend more time in the virtual world than the real world! But you might still want a Google+ account precisely for that reason!

I have been using Google+ for the last two weeks and I am impressed with what I see till now. Google+ can be a good replacement for Facebook + Twitter + Linkedin + Google Reader (all combined). That means, you can just have one social network and hopefully save some time!

There is one feature called circles in Google plus which allows you to selectively post updates that can be seen only by a few users. So, you can categorize your friends (or acquaintances) into different circles. So, when you share something related to your school (for example), you can just send them to your school friends. I think circles is the most elegant implementation of Google+ but I am not sure how effectively this will scale.

The second best thing about Google+ is you don’t have to know the person whom you are adding in your circles. There are no ‘friend requests’ and you can just add anyone in your circles (as long as you know their Google+ ID/ Gmail address). In fact, you don’t add them as friends, you just follow their updates. I mean, those updates that they mark as ‘public’ – not the ones they send to specific circles.

All the other social networks (except Blogs/ Twitter) don’t encourage you to follow people you don’t know and that’s a big disadvantage. I mean, we come online not to meet the same people we know offline again! We come online so that we get to know different people, understand new perspectives, ideas, thoughts, experiences, etc. Both Blogs and Twitter encouraged this phenomenon and the concept is now taken one step forward by Google plus.

Some of you who are popular, might think what if so many people follow me? Won’t I be receiving all their updates in my homepage? Yes. But you get their updates in a special category called ‘Incoming’ and in your homepage you just get the updates of people whom you follow. Nice thinking, isn’t it?

Of course there are other features, but I liked the above two very much. If you want a Google+ account, you can comment with your gmail address and do mention if you want an invite – right now the network is on invitation basis, but very soon they might open it for everyone, I guess. Of course, you don’t have to follow me (add me in your circles) for that.

If you are already on Google+, you can follow me from the below link:

Destination Infinity

PS: What do you think? Do you want another social network?

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