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My selection for Top 10 Bollywood Songs for June 2011

Here I come with yet another music post – My selection for Top 10 Bollywood (Hindi) Songs for the movies released in one month – June 2011.

As usual, the selection is my own and I might not have been able to listen to all the songs from movies released in June 2011. But I tried my best to listen to as many as possible and come up with an impartial countdown.

Songs countdown from No. 10 (meaning my tenth favorite song of the month) to No. 1 (meaning my most favorite song of the month).

No. 10 – Song: Sawan ka tha mahina (Bin bulaye baraati)

No. 9 – Song: Antenna (Always kabhi kabhi)

No. 8 – Song: Dhinka Chika (Movie: Ready)

No. 7 – Song: O yaara (Shaitaan)

No. 6 – Song: Kitne baatein (Bhindi bazaar Inc)

No. 5 – Song: Jaane kyon (Always kabhi kabhi)

No. 4 – Song: Humko pyar hua (Movie: Ready)

No. 3 – Song: Shalu (Bin bulaye baraati)

No. 2 – Song: Always kabhi kabhi – title song (Always kabhi kabhi)

No. 1 – Song: Character deela (Ready)

Enjoy 🙂

Destination Infinity


    • Rajesh K

      I was surprised myself! Good to see some wonderful songs in many of the bolly movies that are getting released these days…

      Destination Infinity

    • Rajesh K

      Murder 2 got released in July, and hence it will definitely figure in next month top songs list. Thanks for going through all the songs and giving a meaningful feedback 🙂

      Destination Infinity

    • Rajesh K

      Wow. Thanks for listening to the songs – I too like slower songs, and generally they come on the top, but this time I thought the peppier numbers have got more life in them!

      Destination Infinity

  • chhavi kapor

    I haven’t heard many songs which have been featured in your list. Character Dheela is one of my favourites too 😉 😉 The song is meaningless but it always cheers me up.

    • Rajesh K

      Generally, I don’t get into the meaning of any song – A good habit that I have been nurturing from a very young age! 🙂 Its just the music and the way a singer sings it – That’s why I am at home with songs in any language.

      Destination Infinity

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