Akka & Uncle!

Akka means Sister (Elder one) in Tamil. Of course, you know what Uncle means.

I have been called uncle for quite some time now. I have always been proud of it and happy that kids think that I am old enough to call me that way.

But recently one incident happened which shook even the steady me! One girl in a nearby supermarket was selling soups and I bought one tomato soup and started drinking it.

One man with a small daughter came for drinking the soup as well. He was scolding his daughter for doing some funny things at home and was telling her not to repeat those things. In the process, he told some funny incident and we (me and the girl) started smiling.

At that time, he said – “See even that Akka is smiling. And that Uncle is also smiling!!!. So you better stop…….”

Until that minute, I thought me and that girl were youth and this man was uncle. But in a couple of seconds, he shook the ground under me!

I am normally quite glad about being addressed as uncle and I even commented as much in a recent post at broken nib. There is actually a philosophy behind it – Well, never mind!

But the combination of Akka & Uncle was deadly! You call me Uncle when I am alone, but why – just why does any one want to call me Uncle when I am along with a fellow youth?”

Ok, at 29 I am not exactly youth but I am at least an old youth? 😉

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