The Grand Chowmahalla Palace (Nizam’s Palace) in Hyderabad, India


I was quite unhappy that photography was not allowed in the Salar Jung Museum, to which I went before coming here. But then, this Chowmahalla Palace (Chowmahallat) more than quenched the visual thirst! Oh, what a treat this palace is to the eyes!!

Initially, I was quite skeptical about the entry ticket of 25 rupees and camera ticket of 50 rupees. This is the highest I have paid to take my camera anywhere till now, and I thought it better live up to the expectations.

And it did – In style!


It seems, Chowmahallat means ‘Four palaces’. This Chowmahalla palace complex began to be constructed in the late 18th Century and was completed by mid-19th century. This was once the center of Hyderabad city and was the seat of Asif Jahi dynasty. It was also the Nizam of Hyderabad’s official residence (and administrative complex). All the major events like Coronation of Kings/ receiving a state guest – dignitary, etc seems to have been held here.


If you are thinking about what could be better than luxury, you should look at the royal opulence and the grandeur of this palace! Take for instance, the Chandeliers shown below. I have just not seen bigger ones than them, at least recently!



Almost every object used by the Nizam’s were kept in display in this palace, and weren’t they grand 🙂 Among others, you could find furniture, portraits, porcelain and other utensils, garments, etc. All, Royal Palacica!


Did I tell you about Cars? The yellow car shown below is a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1911 Model! The yellow body had gold mountings and various parts of the body, lights, roof, etc were finished in silver! It seems this car was used only for important occasions and has done just 356 miles in the last hundred years. No wonder! There was a good collection of other vintage car models, but I don’t have unlimited photo space in this page!



There were at least three rooms showcasing weapons and other metallic objects used by the Nizam’s. It seems the swords and other weapons were made to shape individually by specialist craftsmen, and it took a lot of skill to perfect the art.

The palaces themselves were just splendorous. To think that the staff maintaining them are working from one of them, makes me want to apply for a job there immediately 🙂



Chowmahalla-Palace-Hyderabad-09The clock tower shown below has been running for the last 250 years. Its a mechanical winding based clock and specialist clock mechanics have been maintaining it for many generations, it seems.


Did you notice the number of pigeons on the ground and even on the palace clock tower? I wish I could display more photos, but I have a self imposed restriction of 12 photos per blog post (max). No problem, I am sure you will want to visit it and see all the exorbitance for yourself, when you go to Hyderabad.

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19 thoughts on “The Grand Chowmahalla Palace (Nizam’s Palace) in Hyderabad, India

    1. Not sure, but the camera ticket is worth the experience. Its better to allow photography (even if it is charged), instead of banning it altogether like Salar Jung Museum.

      Destination Infinity

  1. DI – What an amazing travel entry! Loved every bit of it. Hyderabad is synonymous to grandeur and palaces! The arch type and symmetrical works are simply beautiful. But where is the Rolls Royce car’s picture? I couldn’t see 🙁
    And Is that you in Zero is Infinity in flickr??

    1. Yeah, I missed that Rolls Royce picture! The post is updated now. Yes, I am that Zero is infinity in Flickr. Who else could come up with such a name? 🙂 But I am using flickr only to host images so that I can link to them from here. Otherwise, I am not participating there much. All the images hosted there will be here anyway.

      Destination Infinity

  2. I had gone to Hyderabad once but missed this palace! Looks very grand, indeed. The pictures are very good.

    The gold car must be inside a bulletproof cage! Want to work there? Hahaha!

    I liked the blue background (sky) of the palace! Liked the second picture too!

    1. I noticed the difference made by the blue sky in a couple of pictures, after you mentioned it. This place is very near Charminar (walking distance). Many people go to Charminar but don’t come here… Its a very nice place to visit and click photos!

      Destination Infinity

  3. wow I tell you , the nizams and kings lived in style in those days .. Now i wish i was born a king or nizam it would have been fun ..

    beautiful pictures and i dont remember seeing this palace on my visit so Thank you ..


    1. The only other palace in the South that is as grand as this is the Mysore palace! (Among the ones that I have seen). Yeah, didn’t they live in style 😉

      Destination Infinity

    1. I typed that word, ‘awesomazing’ in google but it doesn’t underline the word as a spelling mistake! What an awesomazing word it is! 🙂 But wordpress comment system underlines it though… The reason for better-than-average pictures has nothing to do with capturing things better. Its pure mathematics. I will write a post about it 😀

      Destination Infinity

    1. I went there recently (Jan 2012) and I was able to go around and take pictures. I am not sure if there was any five star hotel there. There is a small canteen though.

      Destination Infinity

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