Madras War Memorial (Madras War Cemetry) in Chennai


The Madras War Memorial (1914-1918) is located in the premises of Madras War Cemetery, in Mount-Ponamallee Road, Nandambakkam near Guindy. The war memorial itself doesn’t contain any buried dead-bodies, but it contains plaques with the names of many British soldiers who died in the World Wars 1914 – 1918 & 1939 – 1945.


“THEIR NAME LIVETH FOR EVERMORE” is the first inscription you’d come across when you enter the memorial. A society can be considered to be civilized when it respects people, and honors them even after their death. It might seem that we live in an extremely selfish world filled with opportunists and selfish people. But the same world has built memorials for the people who lost their lives, fighting a war for others. Remembering and respecting the dead, has been ingrained in almost all the cultures across the world in various forms.


It seems this memorial was built in 1952 by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC), England and it has been maintained by them in partnership with Government of India. The memorial is styled on the lines of a ‘Lawn Cemetery’ and has been maintained exceptionally well.


Its the gripping silence that catches one’s fancy inside this memorial. When I went, I was the only visitor to this huge lawn, memorial cum garden and the place is an excellent choice if you want to resign off for a small time form the hustle and bustle of the city. I even lied down on one of the stone seater and closed my eyes for sometime – The ambiance makes you feel like you are in England!


The above inscription says it all – “The soldiers whose names are honoured here served and died during the 1914-1918 war and are buried elsewhere in India”. Now tell me after you look at the below picture – Does this look like a place in Chennai or UK? 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Madras War Memorial (Madras War Cemetry) in Chennai

  1. This is beautiful, and it does look like a garden/memorial elsewhere in Euorpe – so clean and well maintained. If only we can maintain rest of our own tourist places so well, chennai will become a heaven!
    Your posts are making me totally guilty! I know these places exist, but never went or seen them even once in my lifetime! I think a bit of promotion is required for tourists to come and visit these places! Well done with this post!
    Writing posts regularly – Bring it on DI! My googlereader is looking so dull with not many posts on them.

    1. Yeah, I notice that too – Earlier, there were so many blog posts to read but these days, there are so less! I have seen this place from outside (while passing on this road), many times before but not once did I go into it! I think people need to know that its a public park/ monument and they can actually go and see inside!

      Destination Infinity

    1. Haan ji, Chennai is home – I travel to stay away from my laptop for sometime… Other cities I travel as a marriage-attender!

      Destination Infinity

  2. Thanks for posting about this place, D.I. I have heard about the place by name, have not taken the effort to visit. Yes, it definitely looks like England. They are maintaining the lawn/greenery, so well.

    I think I will make a list of places to visit here and start visiting them one by one.

    1. This was a pleasant find for me too… Didn’t expect it to be maintained so well. Its like a large serene silent park!

      Destination Infinity

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