How do you get a damn address proof in India?

I don’t believe this. I shifted from Coimbatore to Chennai before sometime, and I still don’t have an address proof! This, in-spite of my parents living in the current house (which we are staying now) for more than six years.

I have no clue that it would be so difficult to get an address proof in a metropolitan city of India – Chennai! I wonder how you people manage, any help would be appreciated.

We don’t have a ration card (for the last six years, since shifting to the new house) and our application was accepted earlier, but no one came for verification and we never got a new ration card.

I went to the Voter ID card department here and they told me that they don’t accept new applications now (before about a month or two).

There is a postal department service where they verify the address (through the postman) and give an ID for a nominal fee. But it seems this ID is not accepted anywhere, like driving license authorities or govt banks!

I went to change the address in my driving license, but they want proof of address. A bank statement from ICICI bank/ credit card statements are not accepted. But they said that a Government bank passbook with my address is acceptable as address proof.

So, I go to a govt bank (where I have an account, but the address is my previous Coimbatore address) but they don’t accept ICICI bank statements or Post Office PPF pass book (which I got changed to my current address with great difficulty). They want one of the valid ID proof like driving license, etc.

Back to square one.

All utility bills like electricity bill and telephone bill are in my fathers name. I don’t have a passport and under my present condition, can’t even imagine applying for one (they need three address/ID proof documents it seems!).

What does one do? Remain addressless?

I am sure all of you would have gone through such experiences.  Do you think I need to apply for Voter ID card by registered post (one idea that I have, but not sure how far it will work) or reapply for ration card? Do people get new ration cards, even if we have more income than prescribed by them?

What do you think is the easiest way to get an address proof? Please suggest the best way to get an address proof.

Destination Infinity

PS: Fortunately, I have an ID proof – PAN Card. But that thing doesn’t have any address!!

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  • Nita

    I know exactly what you are going through because we go through this because we have shifted house several times which means electricity bills etc are never in our name! Passport addresses have changed and so have all others. It is very frustrating. Basically one has to just get the address changed on one thing, and I got it changed on my pan card. it will take a few months, but then you can use it. or you can apply for a passport and get an address on that. we have gone through this so many many times!!

    • R Singh

      Get your LPG connection to new address by transfer to nearest gas agency. use this as start point for other address changes. also get a BSNL landline at new address. Use its bill as address proof.

      • Anuj

        Getting transfer of LPG connection or BSNL landline will also need proof of present address. You cannot get these thing working unless you have address proof.

        • anon

          a bit late in answering but you dont need the electricity connection to be on your name, just submit an electricity bill which has the same address as the one you are supplying. this works for telephone connections and a few other things.

    • Rajesh K

      I think new passports require ID proof, and they are asking for multiple address proof’s, it seems! I am not sure if that’s an option for me.

      Destination Infinity

      • Srinathow

        I fully sympathize with you.. i moved to chennai an yr ago for work from pune.. 6 months ago I ran out of pages on my Passport so wanted to get it reissued.. they asked me for last 1 yr address proof in chennai i had only 6 mths address proof and that too axis bank salary account statement.. (rent agreement, company letter are not accepted by passport but i got my address in axis bank updated using rent agreement stupid ways of working isn’t it)
        now i need to get my wife’s name and address changed on passport and she doens’t have any single address proof with her.. I mean who uses ration card these days?? and why would you change your address on driving licence, voted id etc & if it all u want to change it, what proof will you use???
        so all in all it is a nonsensical ways of working which just puts common man in trouble.. this kind of ways of working breeds agents & middlemen which is nothing but corruption..

        we are at a time when movement of people from one place to another is common and being citizens of india we can stay anywhere in the country so what difference does it make if I have old passport of pune and want to get a new one in chennai???

        the authorities must make life simpler for common man just like they go all out doing everything for poor people..

      • Venky


        I have also faced the Same Issue…when I moved to a new City..

        You have only 3 options to start with.

        1) Letter from your Company. (first use it to update bank records/telephone).
        2) Rental agreement (first use it to update bank records/telephone).
        3) Credit Card – for this change of address you only need to call the customer care & update the new address & wait for next statement.

        • Bharathi

          Most sensible and practical reply.

          Yes – get your HR Head to certify that you are living in the same address.

          As fathers name is mentioned on the PAN card and L & L agreement is in father’s name – you can use it as proof of address – in tandem , PAN card and L& L in father’s name.

          Seems in some stray cases LIC policy carrying residence address is also accepted.

          An affidavit signed by a Gazetted Officer seems a good option.

          Post office SB account mentioning your name is also a good option.

    • Rajesh shah

      I know it’s time consuming, get the documents, very easly, try to get the letter from the gazetted officer, rank 1′ with your photo, name, date of birth, and address, it’s enough for you to open government bank account , giving all the info required by the bank like, above mentioned, then apply for post office I’d card, use your certificate to apply for pancard with address proof bank details, proof of I’d is done, then pan with bank details apply for adhar card,

  • Vaish

    I heard the post office ID proof is acceped by driving authorities. Not sure why you had to face so much hurdle! I know, it does annoy so much!
    Do you have LIC document issued in your name with address. If not take a minimal policy…that is counted as a valid address proof in many instances. Or how about your PAN Card or bank statement or a letter from employer is also counted in many instances!

    • Rajesh K

      I will check with my driving school if they accept post office ID proof or my post office PPF savings bank account as address proof. If they do, I can change my address in the driving license.

      LIC policy document is something I did not consider and it seems to be a valid address proof, but I don’t want to take a policy just for getting an address proof!

      PAN card doesn’t have address on it. It is only an ID proof. My govt. bank has my previous address, and they want address proof to change the address! I am currently working on my own project, so letter from employer is not an option! Thanks for your suggestions.

      Destination Infinity

  • Sandhya Kumar

    I think the only proper ID card is ration card. Your family can apply for a white ration card with your name in it. You may have to run a few times to their office. I too have pan card and Post office card but they are accepted only in some places. Ration card is a must nowadays. Or else passport but as you said for getting that you need a ration card!

    All the best.

    • Rajesh K

      I think I’ll have to start running 🙂 I may have to reapply for the ration card and wait again. I hope I get lucky this time!

      Destination Infinity

      • Hemant

        Hi Rajesh K

        We share the same story except that I am riding my bike without even a licence from many years.

        In my opinion not everyone in India is lucky enough to have a proof of address. Moreover I am cursed with a spelling mistake of my name on my voter’s ID.

        So I am planning to get an address proof anytime after my retirement some 40 years later or so.

        So we could go together and get it done after our retirements if you plan the same way too.

  • Reema

    oh we too had to face problem because of that..reminded me of the Golmaal song in the original movie. Anyway so Hubby got an address proof from company HR which we submitted to SBI to open an account and now we have SBI passbook as an address proof. you could try that.

    • Rajesh K

      They are accepting company HR letters? I am not sure why my bank didn’t accept a government post office savings bank pass book?? Anyways, getting a HR letter is not possible in my case because I am working on my own project right now. I’ll have to look at other options.

      Destination Infinity

      • Venky

        You have a credit Card ?
        Post paid mobile can also be used? As for post paid a Telecom person will come to ur residence to verify…Also u can try in other bank account you have would click..I have 3 bank accounts…for 2 bank(nationalized) they didnt accept but the 3rd bank(private bank) accepted the Company letter…once I updated that I updated nationlized bank account address with private banks stmt..

    • Madhu

      Same story here too.No Address proof.I stay in a PG.I tried to get my passport renewed with a new address where my sister’s family is staying for almost one year. I took HR letter for renewal but they did not accept it. Along with that they want Nationalized banks account.

  • Sapna

    🙂 I remember a similar instance some time back. Passport office does not recognize old passport as a proof for passport renewal. Beat that!

    Hope you get a way around this pretty soon.

    • Rajesh K

      UID card? Ok, I will apply for that also – if we can apply! BSNL Landline telephone is already there in our house but it is registered in my father’s name. I don’t want another one! Thanks for your suggestions.

      Destination Infinity

      • brian

        If Telephone Bill is in your father’s name then they should accept it as proof, if it is in name of Brother then they ask for a N.O.C. letter from Brother to open Bank account or some banks ask for Brother to give it in writing on 100 rupees Stamp paper

  • Ashwathy

    In my case I relied entirely on my lease agreement of the house which was jointly in my name and my housemates’ (and later when I moved, it was joint with my hubby’s name). It worked for both of us to get a local mobile phone connection, bank account, as well as any other basic purpose.

    I m guessing your house contract would be in your dad’s name eh?

    • Rajesh K

      When I was in Bangalore, I too was able to open a bank account using the rental agreement. But in TN, we don’t have the concept of agreements. Everything is just by word of mouth. In Chennai, we have our own house and of course, all the documents/property tax, etc are in my father’s name.

      Destination Infinity

  • Zephyr

    Many states don’t accept rent agreement unless it is registered. In Delhi at least they don’t. And mobile companies today refuse to accept it too, since unregistered ones can be made for Rs100 by anyone. So try this option: Make a rent agreement with your father either in your personal name or in the name of your company and then get it registered in the court. That is a legal document and so will be accepted everywhere. Once you have one id proof in a city, you can get others like bank accounts and all.

    • Rajesh K

      That’s an interesting option that I did not consider. In Karnataka, rental agreement was accepted by banks. But in TN, it is not. Maybe I need to check again. But it looks like I will cut it through with the bank itself, will update shortly.

      Destination Infinity

  • Ekta Khetan


    Normally any proof of identity that contains address acts as POA too but sometime when it doesn’t the following could be used-
    1. Have you tried this link?

    2. Also, if you are working in some company, ask ur HR to issue you a letter on company’s letterhead verifying your address. This may help you to get the address proof with some banks or so.

    3. If not, change the electricity/phone bill to your names

    4. How about UID? Aadhar card?

    5. Certificate of address signed by a Member of Parliament or Member of Legislative Assembly or Municipal Councilor or a Gazetted Officer.

    6. Income tax assessment order

    7. Vehicle registration etc?

    I too am relocated often and have to rely on rental agreements/ office id card/letter from HR/ passport which still has Chennai address etc to come to my rescue.

    Do keep us posted if you get the resolution or no 🙂

    • Rajesh K

      Thanks for the detailed comment. My situation is quite uniquely not satisfying many of them. But it looks like the govt bank passbook address update might just work out. I will update on the same, soon.

      Destination Infinity

    • Rajesh K

      Rent agreement is not there in TN. I already have an account with nationalized bank, just trying to get the address transfered to my new address. Looks like it will get done, will update shortly.

      Destination Infinity

    • Rajesh K

      I will apply for both voter ID (through registered post) and Aadhar UID. Since the latter is new, I might just get lucky with it.

      Destination Infinity

  • seth

    Here’s an idea – For address proof, most places like banks accept a letter from Public authority or Gazetted officer confirming your current address. Have you tried it?

    • Rajesh K

      Thanks for your suggestion, but I got my Indian bank passbook address changed successfully today! 🙂 I will write a post on it, now.

      Destination Infinity

  • rahul aggarwal

    here’s what you can try…

    since the address is in your dad’s name, you can get an affidavit done from a registered high court official (notorised) on a 500 rupee stamp paper stating that you are his son and has been staying in the same address now for more than 6 years…

    my sister in law tried this here in pune and it worked for her…not sure about chennai Rajesh.

    consult a high court official for the same !


    • Rajesh K

      500 rupees stamp paper? OMG. Anyway, I got the address proof. Refer to my latest post. Thanks for your suggestion.

      Destination Infinity

    • Balasubramanian R

      I am frantically trying to change my driver license in rto chennai having unfortunately expired. I hand a SBI sb account in my present address. I am diffident if the rto would accept. However as I am living with my son in an apartment rented to him recently. Along with it if I produce Notary lawyer certification it might work. I am hoping again at hope.
      Incidentally when I was in a previous rented apartment I applied for renewal of passport with LPG gas connection and bank passbook as documents for address. It worked. In less than two months I got the new passport. In my opinion changing passport address is the easiest because it comes under MEA. Central govt is not stingy like provincial counterpart.
      I strongly suggest you try this path. All the best.

  • shuddhasattwa paul

    You need an address proof. If you have an account in SBI or any government bank then change the address mentioned on your passbook by asking SBI authorities and get the address changed in your passbook. It will be better if you shift your home branch to your present location. It will act as your address proof.

  • Meghna

    Dear Rajesh,

    I am in a similar situation. Could u please tell us ,what were the documents u were asked to submit while u registered for an account with Indian Bank ?

    • Rajesh K

      When I registered for the account (before a couple of years), a letter from my employer was enough. That too I didn’t give, it was done by the company directly. But when I went now, I think I read some new rules mandating some address proof.

      I got my address changed now using my credit card statement and post office PPF passbook. Thankfully, they accepted it.

      Destination Infinity

      PS: But, when I went to change the address in my driving license, they are saying that only four documents are accepted – Ration card, Voter ID, LIC policy and Passport!

  • pankaj

    Hey why don’t you cancel your name in previous ration card and then you will get one deletion certificate and after that you can apply for new ration card anywhere in india with the help of that deletion certificate and one witness from your neighbour and your witness’s ration card photocopy.Remember the witness should be your neighbour with valid ration card or person in whose house you are living on rent. ……. simple. I also changed the addresss in same way.

  • SS Kiran

    U can try getting a written statement from ur area/locality corporator/MP etc, that can be useful as a proof for some works. hope dat will help some of ya.

    • Rajesh K

      For getting a driving license, it seems they consider affidavit as a supporting document. Not as the main proof of address. Even otherwise, the procedures should be easier?

      Destination Infinity

  • Raju Rao

    Have you solved your problem ?

    The address proof issue is very indeed very frustrating .
    There are many ways to solve it … but first can you tell me for what purpose you want an address proof – then we can work according to it .

    please also see my blog – i have started this to find a solution to this vexed problem


    • sarbjeet kaur

      Hi Raju ,

      I too am facing problem like Rajesh . I have tried opening a bank account with SBI , India’s premier bank but due to address proof they had rejected my application .

      I basically live in Durgapur (wb) and have been living in Delhi since last 6 years on rent , and had furnished my notorised rent agreement copy along with my pan card copy as my id proof , they rejected it stating that they will be considering only registered rent agreement ,DL , voter id card ;ration card as valid documents .As you know its not that easy to have these documents .I have none to my name . I even asked if i can furnish any letter from my employer , they rejected that too .

      i have no clue as to how to apply for a bank account in a national bank .
      I was thinking of an option that i should open an account back i durgapur sbi branch and later shift it here in delhi , but then again i am back to square one on adress proof id .

      can you please suggest a way out .

      sarbjeet .

      • indian

        try to get a letter from place u work or college u study in which says u live at this address and with ur pic on it and stamp of ur college or office on ur pic and letter. this will work.

  • Regu

    best thing.. if u r in a rented house.. get your rental agreement. if the rental agreement is in ur father name, then create a new agreement with ur name and apply for a bsnl connection that u wud get in 10 days.. u can use the bsnl bill for any address prooff..

  • kunal

    hi i am also facing problem regarding adress proof , i am staying in bangalore i have rental aggreement with my name i tried to open bank account in sbi but they told we are not acceping rental agreement as valid adress proof , would you like to told me in which bank u had opened your account with rental agreement ,if possible give the ifc code of bank /adress where it located …

    • Rajesh K

      I opened my bank account before 3-4, with PNB in Bangalore. But some new rules reg. opening bank accounts seem to have been put in place recently. You can check with any PNB branch now, but I find similar restrictions (as mentioned in your comment) in Indian Bank too. So chances are less, but you can try.

      Destination Infinity

    • Rajesh K

      Please check with the manager of the branch you want to open an account. These rules and the documents that can be used as an address proof keep changing.

      Destination Infinity

  • bhargavi

    Landed here looking for someway to get some solution for a similar dilemma. Did you find a solution? My passport is expired and I want it reissued in my new address , but they want an address proof. Which i dont have ! Trying to generate one is pure nightmare. Ration card apparently is not acceptable as an address proof for passport. My DL is lost, so no hope there too ..Election card address change also ruled out as they require an address proof.The only address proofs we have are all in hubby’s name . Just wondering if something can be done with that and the marriage certificate.. phew!!!!

    • sadiq hussain

      Does ur hubby have a passport with new address ? if yes, it shud not be a problem to you …. to change ur Address in PPort..

  • Rahul Nair

    I faced the same situation. Since my dad is in the army we move around quite a lot and I have not started working yet. However by using a certificate from dad’s office I opened an account with SBI. I also used the certificate to apply for my PAN card. The folks at the RTO didn’t accept it when I applied to change the address on my driving licence. The address proof from the Post Office is pretty useless though..

  • Vasu

    When a customer[ Account holder] himself went to bank and asks to change his address, i dont understand why should he submit the proof of residence. Most of the job holders dont stay in permanent residence. Not many house owners deal with rental aggreeements. How could the customers submit address proof. I am corpoarte employee and when i joined the company, I got Kotak bank account with out submitting any address proof. Now when I moved to different rental home, they are not even accepting company letter as proof, They r asking for passport, voterId, driving license. Do they think we will get them in 2 to 3 days, It will take months to get them and again they too need some proofs to apply. Why these people dont think practical ?

  • Pancham Bhasin

    I just completing reading all the comments and relate to the situation that i am going through. Its a vicious circle to change the address on DL or any other state issued address proof. The best option is the one I recently considered i.e. to get a LIC policy on the new address and then get the address change. Any other effort will go in vain. We are Indians and we should realize that without paying bribe to Government agencies, none of the task can be completed.
    I learnt this lesson and accepted this fact. Its very hard to pin point our nationality ourself but there is no option. Even the government knows this and still it is helpless. What else you can expect.
    Just apply for a minimum policy of approx 1500Rs. and then pay 1000Rs. bribe in RTO and get the address changed on licence.

  • varoon singh


    Going through the above comments and your story , i found a solution that now a days you can apply for the voter id card throught the election commision’s website of your state. what you have to do is that you have to fill a online application form on the election commisions website and the people or the BLO of your area will come to your given address and verify your address and identity , along with the documents he/she needs for it. submit those documents and your voter id card will come to you, in a week or month.

  • Mayank Rastogi

    Hi all,
    HELP required!
    I am from Kanpur and residing in New Delhi from past 6 months. (I am doing MBA in New Delhi). Recently, I purchased a second hand (used) bike which required ownership to be transferred on my name. When I visited RTO, they asked for the “ADDRESS PROOF” where the problem arises. I reside here in PG so couldn’t get any rental agreement. I have following documents:
    1. PAN CARD (All India)
    2. Passport (Kanpur Address)
    3. Voter-ID (Kanpur Address)
    4. Driving License (Kanpur Address)
    5. SBI passbook (Kanpur Address)
    6. College ID Card (Delhi, no address though)
    7. Also accounts in ICICI bank, Karnataka Bank, Bank Of India (All Kanpur Address)

    Now, tell me what can I do to get a address proof in Delhi?
    PS: Can’t get a rental agreement as its a paying guest house.

    I wonder if post office address proof card would be accepted for this.

    Kindly help !

  • Adithya

    I hear your woes my man. I have been facing this stupid problem for quite a while. The Indian government has no concern for such problems. They just want something out of thin air. If this continues, then I ll have to print my own address proofs. F**k the government.

  • balaji

    Im also in your state like.
    Everybody in this list are go with the small starting points like LIC (Just get the origional doc itself, for 1st month, then need not continue),
    Get lpg conn. with the LIC or affidavit by gazated officer.
    Then You may go to BSNL (They are waiting for new customers like you for long time).
    Then it is easy to change the address proof by Nationalized banks.
    Don’t go for ration card or any other option for change of address. They are too slow and tedious jobs.

  • Naren

    Simple enough
    U have a PAN card and an ICICI account with new address
    Approach SBI or any other govt bank with ICICI statement and PAN card
    Ur account will b opened!

  • Hansika

    i am also facing the same problem.i dont have any valid address proof.i have national bank account but with old address.i have pan card with old address.i am selected in bank and given my current address.plz solve my problem

  • Srihari Thekumparambath

    This is a never ending problem faced by a lot of Indian citizens, especially those who get frequently transferred. The problem is not in getting a permanent address proof, the bigger issue is with getting a local/correspondence address proof. I am not sure under which law, both Government and private Institutions request local address proof. It is impossible to get one, especially when the individual gets transferred repeatedly. I think a self attested affidavit on a copy of identity proof or permanent address proof should be sufficient for a local/correspondence address proof.
    I think we should submit a PIL with respect to this common issue faced by public at large in the Honorable Supreme Court of India.

  • Srkpriv

    Because, Indians are such an i..s that they dont know thee difference between Identify Proof and Address Proof. They don’t have the basic ‘sense’ there is typically no need of an address proof if identity is established like for ex., PP, or DL or whatever…

    Address is something they just send stuffs for communication..

    I wonder why the m…s wont accept rental agreement as an address proof (it does not matter whether anyone stays there or not or whatever they think as the reason for which it cannot be accepted, it is still ID proof that has to be provided along with it and that means whosoever’s ID proof is provided is in the system and becomes responsible), but, these s…ds cannot understand this basic thing.

    You want to get an add-on ATM card for your wife they will ask for marriage certificate. I am like what the c..p. Why the hell do I provide you a marriage certificate. Add on cards as primary owner is my responsibility and you can send to the person of my choosing once my ID is verified and send to the address and to that person… If the person defaults or something it is still my responsibility. Partly, because they want these information is because, Indian establishment do not want to own that ‘burden’ of risk that you may get something and not pay.

    These i…s dont know the difference between ID proof and address proof…. The ID proof should also contain the same address proof.

    If you move out of your family and rent how can you give an address proof (what if I dont want to take Land Line), that is where the rental or lease agreement come in handy.

    Most stupidest policies and I am sure they discussed this elaborately and implemented without understanding the ground reality…

    Finally, a land-line bill is your best bet.

    Another fiasco in India is the signature match, you as a customer go and give face-2-face an application this i..t will tell you your signature does not match or not same.. it might be very similar, again that i..t will tell you it does not match you have to sign exact.. I am like what the frak man, I already proved you my ID .. why do I have to sign exactly m..n, I am infront of you. For everything you have to give this ‘love letter’ (a letter) to the person to either cancel, change or add/delete or whatever the c..p it is…

    the entire establishment is run by du..b id..s therefore this state of affairs…

  • Devendran R

    On my experience the Solution came in two ways,

    1st is always you could apply for an LIC Policy ( Copy of this is accepted as Address Proof in most of the area’s )
    2nd By getting an Rental agreement we could get an BSNL Connection using it & this should solve the problems

    Hope this helps someone…

  • Nitin

    Dear All,

    Need your help, i want to make my kid passport in india from mumbai, i live in dubai, and my wife is living in silvassa which is my city, she is from rajasthan basically, but after marrige she was in dubai for one year, and now she is in silvasas, we are in process of making our kid passport on urgent basis, the problem is my passport address is from silvassa and my wife passport address is from rajasthan, now passport office is not accepting the application of my son passport as her passport address is from rajasthan, i have provided our marrige certificate, my son birth certificate and all other documents, my son is 6 month old, in my wife passport my name is mentioned as a husband, since i am not present there in india, i have even sent an affidavit from indian consulate uae to india as NOC letter, and authorize my wife to make a passport for my kid, but problem is these people they are not accepting the app as my wife address proof is not there from silvassa, i can take a address proof letter from municipality in the name of my wife, but will it be accepted? as my wife have been already in passport office and they ask for 1 year old bank statement in the name of my wife which state the mumbai address. unfotuneatly i dont have that too, if someone can help me in this issue, please help.

  • Vinay

    Hey guys have seen posts by all of you and yes feel very sorry for such a zoo our system has created. I need to apply for my daughter’s Driving License in Ghaziabad. They accept Passport (don’t have because too difficult and time wasting to get one), Voter card (don’t have because too difficult and time wasting to get one), LIC policy. They don’t accept any bank (pvt or public) proof, no ration card, no electricity, telephone, gas bill, no aadhar/UID card, not even our own house registry. On LIC I got another crap from them saying it need to be at least 1 year even though it does not say legally on their website/office it has to be how old. Other thing they write Life insurance policy legally that can be issued from any insurer why on LIC of India.
    Worst is they need pre-paid registered envelope or speed post envelope to ship license, they why that it self is valid proof as it will be delivered only where one lives???

    They accept bunch of other proof govt ids, arms license, pension passbook (generally you get DL after 18 duh! no pun on retired people please). Those are not suitable for private or common men. Any government employee is special person.

    In fact a broker (at least 20) in front of RTO office told go to court and they can in a week provide address proof which will be accepted. However on their website that does not shows up as valid document.

    I had stayed in US for few years and remember day 1 I could get my bank account opened just on basis of my Indian passport.

    Anyhow I am just sharing my pain and story here and completely acknowledge your pain.

    Look our system need a change, change need to be brought by us only. I will be writing detailed complaint to Ghaziabad Transport and see if they reply, and provide any resolution. Not very hopeful.

    • Venky

      1) open a joint account in a bank with ur Address or include her name in one of ur bank account….with a Affidavit…thatz wht I did for my DL..
      2) If she is working or in college she can get a letter from her office/college
      & use it to get a bank account or a post paid mobile..then apply that on DL…
      this will not be a direct process…it would be a 2 step process…for ppl without any address proof of own…

    • indian

      RTO accepts electricity bill as address proof.

      they also accept a govt bank passbook with address for address proof.

      any proof which has ur name in ur daughters middle name with ur address roof will work.

      BEST WAY :


  • Shahbaz

    Hi !

    I am having the same problem.

    I have a ration card but the address is of old house where i dont stay anymore.
    I have Telephone Bill and Gas Bill of new address but its on My Dad’s name not mine.
    My question is can i show them my PAN CARD or Birth Certificate just to prove my relation with the Owner of the Telephone Line????

    Can i have my Driving license made on my PAN Card ,Birth Certificate , School Leaving Certificate and Telephone Bill(issued on Dad’s Name) ??

    • Venky

      1) open a joint account in a bank with ur Address or include her name in one of ur bank account….with a Affidavit…thatz wht I did for my DL..
      2) If she is working or in college she can get a letter from her office/college
      & use it to get a bank account or a post paid mobile..then apply that on DL…
      this will not be a direct process…it would be a 2 step process…for ppl without any address proof of own…

    • indian

      yes u can. pan card in id proof. and ur fathers name is in the pancard so attach light bill or telephone bill and birth certificate for age proof ur application.

      try to get a BSNL or MTNL or any other post paid connection in ur name in which the same ID and address proof are required as above. this will be ur address proof/

  • rajan

    Best way to get address proof

    apply for broad band connection, those guy will do it for you, they will manage to get fake address proof, then apply for change of address in bank, then credit card and so on…

  • keerthana

    hi..i want to apply for passport.. now we are living in a rented home since 3yrs and i have all my documents like voter id,adhaar card,ration card,bank passbook containing my old house no. My father has his adhaar card with our rented house no. and we have bsnl connection on my father’s name and so what is the best address proof that i cud submit and could u please tell me as soon as possible..or can i submit my adhar card and my father’s since my father’s adhar has new address…what do u say??

  • Rajan C Mathew

    I have done a research on this problem. It exists now in all those countries whose politicians go as per the advice of bureaucrats or on the lines and drafts made the latter. Because of the scare of the terrorists, their wisdom faculties have ceased to work and they are unable to find any workable solution to this problem! God only can help the people of such countries. India very much there!

  • indian

    1) a postal ID card works in driving lisence, govt bank pass book.

    2)try to get a postpaid bill by BSNL post paid mobile in which ID proof is pancard which i suppose u have, and address proof will be ur postal id card. this bill will be ur address proof.

    3) if u have any document, which has ur fathers name then it can work with ur electricity bill of home , but the fatehrs name in ur id should be visible.

    4)aadhar card is easy to change, as it requires very few documnts, eg.LPG book, govt bank saving passbook.

    5)a govt bank will accept ur address proof i.e. light bill with fathers name and ur id card which mentions ur father name.

    6)LIC policy works in RTO for driving license.


    if u r financially sound, then apply for a new BSNL telephone connection under ur name. id proof will be ur pancard, and address proof will be ur govt bank pass book and ur home telephone bill which is under ur father name. go for only incoming plan so it would be cheap ( approximately 1400/- per year) and u will have ur own address proof. thats what i did.


  • Vivek

    go to any dept like RTO , there will dozen agents outside , explain your problem to one and give whatever money he ask , he will get you a new DL in 7 days with new address i bet.

  • Jay

    I have got no address proof to apply for my passport. Im not employed nor am I a student.My voter ID,driving license has got my previous broadband telephone electricity lpg bills are all in my fathers name.I have an account in a private bank and it also is in my previous address.i dont have an account in a govt bank and id require a Proof Of Address for that too.

    • ben

      Father’s name utility bills are accepted, Problem only comes if utility bills are in your Brother, sister, relative or anyone elses name. In such case they ask for NOC from them.

  • ben

    Those people who have same house forever are the luckiest people in India. I have long painful story to say about address change problems but i would not go into it.

    If your house is on rent you can use rent agreement and NOC from the landlord and open bank account in psu bank.

    from the passbook u can try updating address in pan card, election card, adhar card etc,

    try buying landline number of mtnl if you are issued telephone number in your name you are super lucky.

    Bank Pass Book is accepted its written on forms but when you give it as proof most officials ask for more proof.

    It’s very frustrating , tiring, to not have permanent address in india really.

  • knowItAll

    Totally empathise with all the passport grievances listed.
    This system is greatly flawed and causes great hassle to common citizens of this country. With the advent of liberalization, over the past two decades mobilization of people have grown immensely. Not only for job purpose but for education too. In such a scenario, it is extremely difficult to get hold of a passport

    I require a passport but i do not have the required documents as listed. In my last one year, I passed out of my college in Feb (at a location A), then stayed at home till April (at a location B), moved to Mumbai for Job in May, stayed in PG till June, got a home rented in July. The rental agreement is in my name. I have a driving license but the address there is of no use as noone stays there anymore. I have a PAN card, SBI account in Bangalore (where i was working prior to going for post graduation), I can have whatever employer letter required (luckily its a publicly listed company ) but i have been working here only since May.

    I am getting married in February 2015 and my husband is based out of US. I have no idea how can this puzzle work out.

    How easy/difficult is it to make a passport using spouse’s credentials? He has all proper address proofs and his house address(his parents) in India has been stable for more than 15 years.

    Any inputs?

  • Aakash Mehta

    I want to apply for passport.
    i have the following documents of current address.
    e-aadhar card
    bank pass book
    telephone bill
    pan card
    so ,is these proofs are valid and enough fora passport?

  • Nihar Pradhan

    1)Transferring a lpg connection is more easier than others. Get an address proof from your Company mentioning the current address for the lpg connection transfer. I just went to the LPG agency and mentioned my current address without any proof.
    2)Get the electricity bill of your rented house, the hard copy or downloaded from the internet. And publish the same with a rent agreement.

  • Nivedita

    My mom doesnt have any address proof, can i add her in bank as joint account and show this to the passport authorities as POA? Account is operative since 4yrs. Will this work as valid POA if I have my mom as joint account holder for two different acccounts of two different banks?

    Please advise.

  • rajesh

    KYC is a menace. Whole life we will be doing this unproductive job. And govt is only good for making rules sitting in the AC room.

  • Ashish Dahal

    I am from Nepal and in India since January 2014 studying CA. Now I have started my articleship and need a bank account in my name. They are asking for ID and address Proof. I have PAN Card thus it worked as ID proof but I have nothing as address proof. They are not taking Rent Agreement as Address Proof. There is no way I will get Passport or Aadhar Card and my age is less than 18 Years to apply Voter ID Card. I have no Credit Card, Telephone Bill, Water Bill, Gas Connection since all of them required Address Proof. Getting Address Proof in India is like going through loop, you feel as if you got what you want but you find yourself in a position where you have started. That means to get one Address Proof you need another Address Proof . If you need Credit Card, show Telephone Bill, If you need fixed line Telephone, show Bank Statement and finally if you applied for Bank Account, show your Credit Card Bill. It’s just a Lucrative Combination. Anyway it’s beautiful mix of a lengthy Indian Bureaucracy and disable Nepalese Authorities and Students like me are suffering the heats.

  • satyarup


    Just get a address proof from your current employer where you are working and open an account in some govt banks in the new address and then open all other document using this banks passbook as address proof.I think this would work .Let me know in case any issue.

  • chandrashekar

    Hi All,

    Dont worry much about how to get your address proof updated.

    For updating your address in Voter’s ID, you can use the Postal department’s posts received / delivered in the applicant’s name at the given address.

    So mail a letter to yourself in the new address and collect it at your new address through postal department (Postman).

    Use the scanned copy of this letter to update your Voter’s ID address details

    Once you received your Voter’s ID, use this as a proof to update your other documents (PAN, Aadhar Card, Passport etc.)

  • chandrashekar

    Hi All,

    Dont worry much about how to get your address proof updated.

    For updating your address in Voter’s ID, you can use the Postal department’s posts received / delivered in the applicant’s name at the given address.

    So mail a letter to yourself in the new address and collect it at your new address through postal department (Postman).

    Use the scanned copy of this letter to update your Voter’s ID address details

    Once you received your Voter’s ID, use this as a proof to update your other documents (PAN, Aadhar Card, Passport etc.)

  • Ramesh

    All your suggestions are nice, but the writer of this article is perfectly right. You can’t get one proof without another. It’s a vicious circle. You are in a new house, you go to your nearby branch to change the address on your 15 years old account, they ask for proof of address! Can’t they trust the customer? I had this problem, my ATM card had expired and due to lack of address proof I didn’t change my address. My new ATM card was sent to old address. When I argued with bank manager saying that I came to tell you my new address, and you didn’t accept it, he said this is RBI’s rule. They are the biggest idiots on this planet. Want to make common man’s life hell!

  • Anjita sengar

    Sam here , i live with my cousin sister and even i dont have a adress proof ,having problem ,working but they did not accepted HR letter and, now my adress is changed cant get adress proof

  • Mr X in Delhi

    To get a proof of address best bet is to start at a place which is easily oiled. That is the reason for this musical chair in the first place. One you grease the palm of 1 entity in the system the rest are taken care of



  • Rajan C Mathew

    The ID and address crisis of India has been the creation of stupid government servants. These people due to some authority they hold while in service will not face any problems so long as they are in service. But after retirement they would also begin to face the music of the system they created! Such a problem never existed earlier. This has been the out come of the stupid ways in which our civil servants created new systems in the name of augmenting the security of the nation. But in reality, any antisocial can easily do what ever they want without any problem in this country. The stupid systems created by the so-called intelligent civil servants only create problems for the law abiding citizens. The peoples’ representatives of India, on the other hand, never face any such problems just as their bureaucratic assistants because the rules and laws for them too do not apply when they are in power!

    • Devender

      We all should write to pm at and inform the corruption an harassment being faced by common men for proof of address.
      We should suggest that simply a duly notorised affidavit of address should be sufficient for proof of address. As wrong affidavit is punishable under IPC.
      I have written. And request you all to write to pm. Hope some action will be taken.

  • Reneesh K Rajan

    As per the Central Motor Vehicle Rule 1989, ( CMV Rule 4) If u don’t have any proof of address then u can get a self swearing affidavit attested by a first class magistrate or Notary for applying Driving Licence.

    LIC Policy will also work for u ( for that atleast u have to have a rental agreement, letter from college or company needed).

    You can get a Postal ID card by registering ur name in the nearby post office ( I don’t know whether it is approved as an address proof everywhere)

    Actually I m from Kerala and I bought a used scooter here in Mysore, now I am going to change that into my name in Mysore RTO, lets see it may work or what 😉

    If u have any suggestion means pls tell me…

  • Kumar

    Ok here is my store as an addition to this long list. This is going to be different:
    I’m a Canadian citizen of Indian origin. Moved back to India several years ago. Fortunately I had my DL from past, so got it renewed and worked well. Now I’m moving to another city. My mother owns house in that city, so can’t have a rental agreement. I’m self employed, so no company letter. My passport is Canadian, so that doesn’t work either. I have a POI card which has no address on it. I have PAN but also no address on it. My mother has Airtel landline in her name. Tried to get it transferred by sending an affidavit to Airtel by my mother – but they didn’t accept it.
    So, where do I go from here – no idea.

  • hari

    Its intersting I read this post. Last week I was thinking of how easy it is to get an ID proof in India. I got my DL address changed in Blore last week and what it needed was my old DL, bsnl bill and the last/important ingredient “an agent”.
    Printing a “needed bsnl” bill is not very difficult you get soft-copy if subscribed.

  • Arjun

    What if I change the name in soft copy of electicity/landline bill of my landlord and submit hardcopy to apply PAN and voter id? Will they check details and verify with electicity and telephone department?

  • Dudhwa National Park

    this is the same problem as i had faced 5 years ago, i shifted meerut to chandigarh for some time, and there i need an address proof, then i got the idea to take a landline phone and the problem is solved.


    Best Answer-
    get rent Agreement, Update your LIC policy address, USE it in AADHAR Card
    get rent Agreement, Update LPG connection address, USE it in AADHAR Card
    After that you can change your address anywhere. It is tested and I did it with myself and with my wife. I did 1st option with me and for 2nd option I intentionally book my LPG connection on my wife name.
    Now i have updated my SBI account, Ration Card, Landline BSNL Phone and Voter ID too.

  • Shivi

    I feel you Bruh! 2017 and we are still in the same situation. While the Government is busy with GST and cows & cows rights(!), nobody wants to address this nagging issue. Anway, I found a way to tackle it successfully:

    1) PSU Bank Credit Card Statement- Apply for an SBI credit card against fixed deposit (SBI “Unnati” in 2017) from any SBI branch. Once it arrives, register it online then go to My Profile on top corner and select “address change”. It allows you to change the address ONE Time without any god damned “address proof”. SBI card calls you to verify the address. Just say you recently moved to the new residence about 2 months back and only have ICICI/HDFC credit card statement as proof. The entire process takes about 1 week after the card is delivered to you (1 month). Use the newly acquired credit card statement as your address proof!

    2) In respect of close relatives e.g. wife, son, daughter and parents etc. who live with their husband, father/mother and son/daughter, as the case may be branch can obtain an identity document and a utility bill of the relative with whom the prospective customer is living, along with a declaration from the relative that the said person (prospective customer) wanting to open an account is a relative and is staying with him/her. Supplementary evidence such as a letter received through post only (and not by courier service), can also be taken on record for further verification of the address. So, have your relative/friend send you a few letters to the new address by post/registered post/speed post. You can use this “evidence” to open a new account in any PSU bank and finally have the new address written in your PSU bank passbook!

    AND then when you finally have this new godforsaken address proof, use it to change the address in you Aadhaar card!

    I have shifted to our new residence in a different town but it has taken me 5 years to get this “Address Proof”! They no longer accept Rent/lease agreement or LPG bill. Incredible India Indeed!

  • Sushanta

    I used to change my address through ICICI netbanking . And use this to change all other addresses.Now this is stopped as well . I am now address less again after I moved to own house. Banks are not willing to change my address now. I will wait few months to get my house registered and see this can be used. I went to aadhar center and they refused to enroll as sales agreement doesnot have pin code

  • Shajan

    hi friends,
    please help me regarding my bike RC book missing in Kerala. The bike is under in my name and I am working in UAE, please help me, how to get authorisation letter from UAE?

  • Mehar

    I can relate so much with your situation.
    I also have similar situation. I recently moved from Pune to Bangalore. I have my passport with Pune address and aadhar card with my native, which is Bihar, address. I am staying at my sister’s place so i do not have any rental agreement in my name. So, basically i do not have any address proof of Bangalore.
    In my company’s record it is still showing Pune’s address. When i asked them to change it to Bangalore address they are again asking for address proof.
    I tried getting a postpaid connection so that the bill will be address proof but they also want address proof for new connection.
    Unfortunately i do not have any previous connection in my name to apply for number portability too.
    So, my situation is also messed up.
    Any suggestions? Did you get your issue resolved?

  • Deepak Mishra

    Even can never produce an address proof. So I can never make my voter’s card or passport. Damn this address proof. Had to travel banks 4 times, passport office 2 times and I am still sitting in the bank for the fifth time because my address proof was rejected.

  • jagadeesh

    You can try these…
    1. Register online in AAdhaar, get aadhaar updated with current address, there are many documents accepted. In my case i got aadhaar updated with Vehicle registration card. You can also update with gas bill(if you have in your name).

    2. create a rental agreement in your name. if you are staying in some one else place for long time/ or planning to stay, then convince house owner and get his signature. use this to get gas connection or Aadhaar. once you receive aadhaar you can terminate agreement.
    **Ps: This is strictly for legitimate and good citizen only. 🙂

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