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Look at the above sculptures carefully. They are all made by an eighth generation Chola dynasty sculptor. The two small ones at the front are made using traditional design principles. But the three larger sculptures at the back are abstract. They are a fusion between tradition and modernity. The sculpture in the center shows legs and wrists of a woman (supposedly in a seated position). But there is nothing else. That’s stretching the limits of abstractionism!

These sculptures are from the ‘Sculpture : Past to Future’ expo at ARTWORLD, Sarala’s Art Center, Ganeshpuram, Chennai and they have been organized as a part of the World Crafts Council’s ‘Kaivalam’, a festival celebrating handicrafts being held at India (Chennai), this year.

The best thing about this expo is, all the sculptures are hand-made by sculptors from various parts of India. I was able to see a number of traditional sculptures (Nataraja statues, etc.), but some of the best sculptures were abstract in nature. It’s kind of fusion between the Indian traditions and Western influences and I feel that exploring outside the traditional boundaries is a positive development for the growth of art/sculpture in India. What do you think?

I have shown some pictures taken at this expo, below. There were, of course, many more exhibits and if you are in Chennai, you can consider going to the exhibition which is on from 26th September 2012 to 10th October 2012.





Destination Infinity

Photos: Destination8Infinity. All photos are published under this creative commons license.

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10 thoughts on “ARTWORLD, Chennai – Abstract Sculptures

  1. These are very interesting sculptures and exposes the style of art handled in past.

    I truly agree with you and looking outside our tradition is a learning process and a way of expanding the world of art… The photos are excellent and explore the art well!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. legs and wrist!Thats a different one! That did make me imagine the whole woan in the seated position! stretches imagination. Btw I thought about ur question on my post as to why people have adopted a system that makes us more worldly. I had explored the why’s of why human kind has fallen to the lows; maybe I did generalise a bit in considering manhood. but u might like to visit . This post is infact related to the one u read before and since u have an analytical mind I think u wud recognise it

  3. some beautiful sculptures….thanks for sharing…..:)

    btw i have a feeling that there are only a particular section of people who normally visit such exhibitions and show their interest….may be bcoz having them is a costly affair…..!!

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