Why is Corruption Bad?

Arvind Kumar Kejriwal

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Disclaimer: This article is not specifically about Arvind Kejriwal/IAC. It is more about corruption in general.

Do you know why corruption is bad? It is because corruption is used to enslave people. Of course, the draining of money/resources to unintended people, wastage of time/resources and efforts are also a serious byproduct. But these are not as serious as the former.

When you see someone (in Govt/Private organizations) demanding/taking money, you ought to know that they are the tip of the iceberg, they are the only visible part of a long chain. They have bosses not only to report, but also to pass on the looted money and obey their orders, whatever they are.

The conditions under which these people work perfectly resembles slavery. Slaves need to do whatever is told to them, irrespective of whether it is right or wrong. They may not be allowed to even realize the distinction between right and wrong.

That’s exactly what happens to people when they start taking bribe money.

We have all heard/come across/seen various movies where they depict honest officers/ honest executives as the sufferers. But no one tells the other side of the story. No one says what happens to dishonest people. No one says what these people are forced to do, how much these people suffer. None of these stories come out. How will anyone say, ‘I was dishonest and corrupt, people took advantage of it and I suffered?’

Now let us look at the people who control/enslave so many others. For these people, corruption/bribe-money are like cigarettes/alcohol. An addiction.

Only, corruption/bribe-money is much worser than cigarettes/alcohol because people don’t even realize that they are addicted to it. Well, what is an addiction? Wikipedia defines addiction as, ‘Impaired control over substance/behavior’; ‘High preoccupation over substance/behavior’; ‘Continued use despite consequences’; ‘Denial’.

See how corruption perfectly satisfies all those four conditions? People who are corrupt, are highly tormented souls. They may get a momentary satisfaction of getting some money through corruption, but in no time they get-over it and want even more. Even More. Are they ever satisfied with any amount of money? No. Worse, they force themselves to believe that a lot of money is going to give them everlasting happiness. Momentary happiness? Yes. Everlasting happiness?No chance. Not even with all the money on this earth!

We all know that a large number of people suffer due to corruption. But, it should now come as a surprise that people who are highly corrupt suffer even more. Much more.

By exposing the scams of various political parties, Arvind Kejriwal is just telling us what we already knew. But we were ignoring all these hard facts till now.

While it is obvious that people who are looted in the name of corruption should support his India Against Corruption movement, which has taken the shape of a political party; What is not so obvious is, people who are highly corrupt and are addicted to corruption should support him even more.

An anti-corruption movement like ‘India Against Corruption’ is your only chance to break free of the people and the system that has been enslaving/tormenting you.

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  • Jeevan

    Like chance-less to see any project with corruption… every day a corrupt pot is broke without a break.

    Remarkable to think the forces behind one in getting bribe or involve in corruption. I believe the earth never going to be pleasure once they realized the worse of happiness.

  • sm

    What AK is doing everyone wants to do it , but everyone is afraid.
    Vadra deal everyone knew it but no one dared to write about it including other political parties.
    Lets hope he continues what he is doing for the sake of India.

  • SG

    Since I am not in India I am not uptodate as to what is happening there. I just read the new items in the internet. There is a news item today that Mr. Kejriwal decided not to expose the Pawar family in the Lavasa affair even though he was given the details by an ex IPS Officer. Hope that is not true.

  • Bikramjit Singh Mann

    I am not quiet sure I am with the title , Kejriwal is trying ot be a politcian now.. and sorry to say but when the Anna movement started everyone had high hopes, look where its gone ..

    the whole team was together and now suddenly there are two teams, I can understand ONE person leaving the team, but the people following kejriwal earlier followed Anna and now the followers are divided too.. SO did they follow the wrong man FIRST or now..

    Kejriwal earlier had a TOPI saying I am anna, he says Anna is still his guru but now the slogan on the TOPI has changed to I am aam aadmin or something like that ..

    This is all politics and everyone is trying to have an upper leg simple ..

    corruption cant be eradicated especially by leaders who have hidden agenda’s, Every tom dick and harry in our nation knows the leaders are corrupt YET we vote for them .. WHY would i want to change if I am a leader tell me..

    On August 9, 1925, a handful of youth challenged the British might by looting the money meant for government treasury at Kakori. Seventeen years later, on August 9, 1942, Mahatma Gandhi launched the Quit India movement which caused an irreparable dent to the foundation of the colonial rule. The Quit India movement was unique in the sense that it was led by the “aam adami” , it was by the aam admi because the leaders were sitting comfortably in jails.

    Gandhi and other leaders somehow never got a single hit on them whereas everyone else got beaten or tortured , I have not heard a single incident where Gandhi or Nehru or Jinnah were tortured or kept in Inhuman conditions as the AAM ADMI, who got caught.. These leaders knew how to save their skin and that is what is called Politics..

    On August 9, Anna Hazare launched his anti-corruption movement The difference is that in 1942, the Congress party was leading the movement but today the party is in power and has gone all out to scuttle the people’s movement.

    SO you see the british did and they taught the congress how to to do it , which they are doing so very well.

    Now Kejriwal wants to join politics, WE the amm admi wont let that happen again , In punjab in the recent elections a Party People’s party with 100% Uncorrupt, People with Good track records , Good people stood and Every leader of theirs lost their deposit..

    This is how WE the citizens behave

    ooops I have written a big comment 🙂

    • Rajesh K

      Have you seen any political party that has ‘Against Corruption’ in its name or as its main motto? Action against corruption is added in the manifestos of political parties almost as an after thought. But this party led by Arvind Kejriwal is trying to do something different and moving in a path which they think is right. I think they deserve a chance.

      Of course, I cannot say for sure if they will really fight against corruption or it is a token gesture to grab power. Even if it is for grabbing power, I am sure that they will not be as bad as the other parties (when it comes to corruption). That itself is an improvement.

      About the political party in Punjab that lost elections despite having honest/good leaders, maybe most of the people were not aware of it? That is the biggest problem in the Indian democracy today – We don’t know who is contesting the election but still we go and vote for a party. As long as people vote blindly (for a party) without checking the credentials of the people who contest on behalf of the party, nothing major can be achieved.

      We have a more serious problem – What if majority of our people are corrupt and hence want corrupt politicians, so that they can continue to be corrupt? This problem is what I was trying to address in my post.

      The title and the article do not match. I am sure you noticed that.

      Destination Infinity

      • Bikramjit Singh Mann

        I agree with what you have said .. but I am sure there are some questions that have come up asking Mr. kejriwal to which he has not replied..

        I can understand that kejriwal Himself may be uncorrupt but what about the people with him, The thing is we as citizens get carried away too fast at someone who promises one good thing.. the same happened with Anna ji, baba ramdev and now the same people who were singing praises of both the leaders , say the opposite..

        All that shines is not GOLD..

        I dont mind leaders making money , they work hard so let them make money but if only they spend 20- 30% of it in the welfare of the nation …

        the party in punjab Everyone knew about them , I ma in uk and I knew about them , so people are bound to know .. their leader was a finance minister in the akali dal, and who later resinged in protest ..

        if only politics was that easy sadly things are not like that ..

  • rahul aggarwal

    today in india we say ‘corruption is our birth right’ !

    we people have become so corrupt that we like electing and seeing like minded people on top controlling the public ..

    corruption will never ever die out from this country .. it was always there, it’s just that now it became transparent as to how strong it is !

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