ITC Grand Chola Hotel, Chennai – A Sneak Peek Inside


I went to the IndiBlogger meet today at ITC Grand Chola hotel, Chennai. This is a newly opened super-luxury 5-Star hotel in Chennai with 600 rooms (including 78 serviced apartments), at Guindy, Chennai. You can visit their (above linked) website to get an idea of the facilities/amenities offered.

I was impressed with their green initiatives. The ITC group has a wind-farm in Salem, Tamil Nadu which makes more electricity through renewable energy than what is consumed by the hotel. That’s an excellent initiative, that too by a luxury hotel to reduce their carbon footprint. Also, they have an excellent rain water harvesting system and recycle water in order to save water. Their other green initiatives are equally impressive.

I leave you all with some photos taken at the ITC Grand Chola, Chennai.










Of course, I had a lot of fun meeting other energetic bloggers from Chennai. It feels good to go to a meet like this once in a year (thanks to IndiBlogger) and meet some like-minded people. A lot of activities were focused on Twitter and the whole world seems to have taken a fancy to the shorter 140 character updates (and single-click Facebook). I wonder why I have not taken a fancy to the micro-blogging platforms, as much as I like and cherish my long-format blog! Are you guys active on Twitter?

Destination Infinity

Photos: Destination8Infinity. Published under this creative commons license.

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14 thoughts on “ITC Grand Chola Hotel, Chennai – A Sneak Peek Inside

  1. No twitter is not for me D.I. although I am on it but I jsut put a link to my post when i write a new article thats it .. although sometimes we have had fun on twitter especially during the cricket world cup.. cheereing every ball bowled ..

    and that hotel looks beautiful , expensive i bet ..


  2. Oh wow, awesome!! I have heard so much of this hotel…. and much of it even before it was actually launched. It’s touted to be the next best thing to have happened to the 5 star hotel industry.

    How on earth did they allow you to take these pics? Some hotels have a very strict policy regarding outsiders (i.e. those who are not staying with them) to take pics…

  3. Your photos explore the grandness! I come across this marvelous hotel lately and impressed by the historical style of architecture… but I first thought it should be government building.

    I joined twitter long back, but posted nothing…

  4. beautiful pics..Rajesh Sir ..

    i am not a very big twitter fan .. although i have an account but i rarely use it .. tweeting never excited me actually .. never understood the concept of 140 characters socializing ..!

    twitter – it’s more like an app where people mock other people…!!!

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