Why I prefer Blog conversations over Real-world conversations


I prefer blog conversations over real-world conversations because, in our blogs we can proof-read the post/comments throughly before hitting the ‘publish’ button. There is a lot of time to think/contemplate on what we write. Of course, there might still be a few glitches (as comments cannot be deleted on other blogs), but in our own blogs we can delete anything, anytime. We just need to hope that people have not already taken a screen-shot of whatever we want to delete!

With real-world conversations, there is no delete button. There is no undoing it even if we had spoken something accidentally. Once uttered, words are irrevocable. We are expected to give split-second responses and there is absolutely no opportunity to proof-read our comments!

For example, consider the following real-world conversations I had with fellow Bloggers during the recent Indiblogger meet at the ITC Grand Chola, Chennai.


FB – A Fellow Blogger;     ME – Me;     @#$% – Me cursing myself!!


FB – So, what do you do professionally?

ME – I was working as a sales manager, but now I am a full-time blogger. I am currently working on a couple of blogs and hope to become a professional blogger one day. The main challenge is monetizing our blogs. There are so many factors………………… (Non-stop speaking for 2 minutes)

FB – Are you doing your own business?

ME – No, I am a full-time blogger. I am trying to become a professional blogger. I …. (Non-stop speaking for 2 more minutes)

FB – Oh. So, you are doing your own business?

ME – @#$% 🙂


ME – You know what, I am a regular follower of your blog.

FB – Oh, good.

ME – In fact, I liked your recent post that was about the importance of careers for women. That post was picked as one of the spicy Saturday posts by blogadda, right? That was the most recent post I read on your blog.

FB – I wrote that before one and a half years.

ME – @#$% 🙂


FB – Indi-rank as been recently updated no? How has it been for you?

ME – Oh. Both my blogs got lower ranks this time. I guess all our ranks got reduced this time. Maybe they implemented some global changes to the ranking system and that’s why all our blogs have been ranked lower…

FB – My blog’s ranking improved by 10 points.

Another FB – My blog’s ranking improved as well…

ME – @#$% 🙂


ME – You are so-and-so blogger, no? I used to follow your blog regularly.

FB – You used to follow my blog?

ME – I mean, I have nothing against your blog. I am not following any blog-tips blog these days…

FB – !!!!!

ME – I mean…<End of conversation>

ME – @#$% 🙂


That’s why I feel much better conversing with people on my blog than meeting them in real-life! 🙂

Destination Infinity

Photo: Destination8Infinity. Published under this creative commons license. Photo taken @ ITC Grand Chola, Chennai.

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35 thoughts on “Why I prefer Blog conversations over Real-world conversations

  1. Right! Real life should come with an undo button to erase our mistakes.

    But in real world conversations unlike blog-talk we are natural and spontaneous and this unpredictable nature is a charm in itself.

    I don’t follow tech blogs and blogger help blogs too! And my indirank has decreased! Same pinch.

    1. Spontaneous, ok. Natural, I am not so sure! Some people are experts in lying, while replying to anything you talk to them!

      At last, I get to know that someone’s Indi-rank has decreased like mine 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  2. I agree with you on the need to be very careful with whatever we say in real life as against what we write on our blogs.

    But I think in real life it is better without provision to undo or edit so that people are forced to think before saying anything and it saves the world from a lot of confusion & chaos that would happen otherwise.

    1. In spite of this, some people do not think twice before talking non-sense! I do agree that people can carefully orchestrate how they present themselves in blogs, but people who are hell-bent on lying/faking generally do not blog. Of course, there are exceptions.

      Destination Infinity

  3. govt is planning to bring army of cyber of police to watch our blogs.
    on blogs we can be more open about anything and not in real life as India is not a democratic nation India is mobocratic and danda democracy.

    1. That army of cyber-police needs to develop a lot of patience to read all the posts written by every single blogger. It’s difficult to execute, to say the least. They can instead work on a public reporting mechanism and monitor only the maximum reported blog posts.

      Destination Infinity

  4. hehehehehe – Sorry, don’t mean to be rude but those situations sound so much fun now, when I read it from here 😛

    Yea, there are so many proverbs that talks of the damage done by spoken words. It does help to think and talk. But the instances you have cited are mroe of cute-sided!

    Btw, I never knew you aspire to be a professional blogger. All the best, DI ! 🙂

    1. I have another blog – http://www.excitingip.com . I aspire to make it a professional blog sooner! I am just testing waters now, but I think it’s possible. Just that it’s a looooot of work and it may take a few years to get the kind of revenue I target. But I’ll be more than happy if it becomes an influential blog in our domain. That blog is about enterprise computer networking technologies, mostly. If you are not familiar with that domain, don’t visit it! 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  5. LOL 😀 That was absolutely hilarious!! 😀
    Agree, wish there was a delete/backspace button in real life too! But since it’s not there so, we need to be on our best always! 🙂

    1. But we can’t be best always. In cases like mine, I would like to at-least not mess up real-life conversations! 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  6. He he he he 🙂 so you are a full time blogger .. hmm but what do you do otherwise .. do you run a business 🙂

    D.I. I have reached a stage now where I also prefer blog conversations because I think I have made some very good friends over time and it is healthy t oconverse with them all they know me , I know a bit about them etc etc ..

    I have also seen these days I get angry very fast when I am having a personal conversation which is not very good , maybe because of all the hassel i am going through around me .. lots of changes happening .. and what not

    How come you never chatted with me on FB 🙁 now I am sad .. he he he he

  7. That was absolutely funny. We have to think quickly and respond sometimes in real life and being the slow coach that I am, I find it a hard task sometime. But I feel that one has to be careful even on online conversations because one never knows what another might find offensive! And the delete/edit button is only for our own blogs, right?

    1. Yes, the edit thing is only for our own blogs. WP/Blogger should at least allow us to edit our own comments on other blogs. But since we can take some time to comment, we can at least think what/what not to write.

      Destination Infinity

  8. Lol! I too have met bloggers who are only friends and mostly there won’t be talk about blogs.

    This situation could improve if people read the blogs really.

    1. Well, the world comes to my room (through the Internet). I seriously find lesser and lesser inspiration these days to go out!

      Destination Infinity

  9. ha ha 😀 sorry but just couldn’t stop laughing… I wonder what will I do when I will meet any of the blogger friends 😀

    Edited and published 😛

  10. Hahaha 😀 Looks like you had some interesting memorable 😛 conversations at the meet!!

    Hmmm now I am wondering if I said any such fancy thing… and I have met you twice already! Once at Tvm and once in Chennai.

    LOL, no wonder you were silent during our second meeting… you didn’t want to put foot in your mother eh? 😉 😆

    1. I am generally very silent. Not because I am a naturally silent person, but… well I guess now you know 😛

      Destination Infinity

  11. first, apologies for the late reply and belated diwali wishes !

    i second that .. even i prefer blogging over real conversation .. for 1 main thing .. i get to say what i want to say.. without any restrictions or limitations…

  12. My reason for blogging preference would be – you get to say the whole story before being judged on the first sentence like in face to face conversations.

    These are some hilarious conversations but I can imagine what you must be thinking when they happened.

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