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Do you get any nightmares? Do you remember them? Generally, I don’t get any dreams and I experience perfect blankness during sleep. But rarely, I do get dreams/nightmares and yesterday night was one of them. What makes it unique is, I still remember some scenes from the dream, even now! 

Yesterday being Sunday, I was very relaxed and went to bed quite satisfied with my activities during the day. I slept somewhat earlier than I usually do.

Suddenly I am transported into the dream world. This dream went like this –

I was standing along with a few others in the beach, in front of the waves and the vast ocean. This was not any beach I knew, because there were many steps to climb down to the beach. As we were watching, suddenly there is a Tsunami! Guess what, the Tsunami did not come from the ocean in our front. It came from behind us!!

I was the first to spot it. I casually turned my eyes towards right and then turned my head behind to see the rushing waters from behind the steps. Everyone is alerted and we start running in the front. Towards the ocean!!

Someone tells us that the bridge over the Anna Nagar river has broken and the water is gushing down from there. Where is Anna Nagar and where is the beach?? Also, there is no river in Anna Nagar and definitely no bridge over a river!! If the bridge over the river breaks, why should the water gush into the sea??

I wonder how my sub-conscious mind can think of these strange and illogical explanations, that too when water is gushing in full speed from behind us in the dream!!

Anyway, we spot a narrow bridge-like pathway in our left and we take it. Then we suddenly move out of the beach and run towards some spiral shaped buildings and spiral shaped pathway that goes downward. On the way, we alert the people living in those buildings.

I keep reminding myself that going downwards is not the best thing to do when there is so much water rushing behind me, but there is no other way. I keep going down and guess what, I run to the next city!!

Here the scene changed to some other (totally unrelated) nightmare that involved a school, principal and trains. I don’t remember what the story-line was, but this one was equally frightening. When I woke up today morning, I was visibly shocked!

If there is a way to record these nightmares, they might make for some good horror movies! Unfortunately, I don’t remember most of my dreams once I wake up.

How about you? What was the scariest dream you had recently? Do you remember your dreams?

Destination Infinity

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23 thoughts on “Nightmare!!

  1. Dreams are interesting. My theory is when you sleep, your channel is free. I shall give an example.
    Suppose a husband, his wife and wife’s brother are sleeping in the same room. All their individual channels are free. The wife’s brother may tune into his sister’s thought. The husband may tune in or not. This is not relevant. But the point is the brother and sister were communicating and husband had no objection.
    Also the free channel may contact outside people sleeping. The outside people may communicate their fears to you. This is what you have probably felt. And the voices were your reaction.
    Sigmund Freud says dreams are to make you feel satisfied. Something like, you have actually not won the 100m race. In dream it may appear that you managed to catch and enter a superfast train running at high speed etc. So that you are satisfied.

    1. I think, dreams are also a reflection of our deep fears. I know that there are so many other theories, so it is good to know two of them from your comment.

      Destination Infinity

  2. Dhanushkodi dreams? The tip of the land has got ocean on one side and sea on the other! You must have read the post at night!

    I used to dream often about me running for escaping from somebody…I run like a spider man putting my hands on the walls of buildings! I had never watched spider man movie until after many years. Maybe Spider man cartoon effect! Sometimes I was doing long jumps for escaping like we see in Olympics…I remember, no, not Carl Louis, but another man doing the long jump beautifully! I used to do that in my dreams! Funny! But the chasing was always there…often! I used to wake up panting!

    1. Probably… The elphinstone bridge, dhanushkodi and all the recent articles were about water! Maybe your sub-conscious mind likes athletics? 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  3. You say Nightmares!!, I consciously stopped myself from remembering any dreams I had. Because almost all my dreams were Nightmares – full with blood, violence, death, monsters & what not. I got comfortable with them I think. Psychologically I tried to find why only Nightmares, and the only logical answer I got was that I was a jolly guy in reality. So, all my suppressed bad thoughts headed to my dreams..:P.
    But now, I think I don’t get any nightmares. At least I don’t recall any or I may have let some anger come out in real life.
    (Try conscious/lucid dreaming – its mind blowing)

    1. Maybe dreams come to us to balance out our emotions. Hmm….. But thankfully, I don’t dream about blood and monsters!!

      Destination Infinity

  4. It is amazing to see the power of the subconscious mind. True to what you’ve said I’ve witnessed so many things in my dream that I wonder how my subconscious mind is able to make so much sense from a small little thing that might have happened during the day. Mystic !

    1. Yes, the subconscious mind seems to be quite active even when we are sleeping. I think it holds a lot of secrets that we long to find out. Someone should discover what the subconscious mind actually knows…

      Destination Infinity

  5. I watched a documentary on dreams sometime back. They said that our brain kind of prepares itself to face scary situations by simulating horrors to us. This is done so that when such a thing really happens, we dont panic much and get a solution soon. I see mostly nightmares. I wonder why I dont see good dreams often 🙁 But I forget them by the time I wake up.

    1. Well, this is another possibility. You know what, I have seen a large Tsunami (much larger than the one in the photo) in my dreams many years back. I didn’t even know about the concept of Tsunami back then!

      Destination Infinity

    1. Majority people forget majority of their dreams, but they might remember a few for a short while (at least).

      Destination Infinity

  6. I dream weird dreams too ! My psychology professor used to wake up in the morning and enter his dreams in a notebook first thing- even before getting off so that he remembered as much detail as he could. And he used to read the “dream book” once every 2-3 months to see any patterns or reality or them turning true or analyse fears etc. He urged us to do it as well. But you know how it is. You just wake up in time to go to Uni.

    1. I wonder how many people have researched on dreams and what their conclusions were. I don’t think I’ll be able to remember most of my dreams once I wake up. Some of them, yes.

      Destination Infinity

    1. Perhaps it is a recap of things that our mind thinks (sometimes without our knowledge) during the day. Good point.

      Destination Infinity

  7. I too could not remember dreams often. But i dont think anyone would have dreamt about tsunami alike me and i had many a dream related to tsunami which i countbas more scary. I hadn’t closed my eyes for few days for the tsunami stroke indian ocean. the scenes of tsunami took days to conceal from my mind. your dream sounds fun and interesting…

    1. You too? Perhaps the imagery of Tsunami has lingered-on in our dreams because we are so close to the location where it hit hard. In my case, I have dreamed about the Tsunami even before I knew what it was! And I remember that dream quite clearly.

      Destination Infinity

  8. my life is a living nightmare so i stopped having nightmares in my sleep .. hehehhehe

    such dreams only comes when we watch too many movies or something is stuck in our mind seeing a pic or when someone mentions it…

    1. Yes, thinking about something repeatedly might produce nightmares, but in my case this wasn’t the situation. Anyway, our subconscious mind is too complicated and I don’t want to delve too much on this subject!

      Destination Infinity

  9. That’s true, it’s funny how sometimes the brain picks on the minute-est details and focuses on that.

    Some of my scariest dreams include being chasen by a force unknown to me…..that I am running to get away from monster. I have also dreamt of getting lost in a huge scary mansion and not knowing the way out. Phew!

    1. The huge scary mansion dream seems to be interesting. Wonder why I don’t get such innovative dreams!! 🙂

      Destination Infinity

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