Some ideas for writing Non-Fiction books in India!!

In this post, I will give some ideas for writing non-fiction books in India. Any author can use these ideas to write books. I am sure they will become best-sellers.

  • How to control your students, instill fear in their minds and kill their creativity
  • How to subjugate your employees and make them dance to your tunes
  • How to enslave your kids and keep them dependent on you for life
  • How to dominate your spouse 
  • How to cheat partners and customers in business without getting caught
  • How to be a hypocrite, lie on a daily basis and still act as if you are honest
  • How to take advantage of other’s good-nature, trust and innocence
  • How to sweet-talk with people in front of them and pass demeaning comments on their backs
  • How to bribe Gods
  • How to poke your nose in the (unrelated) issues of relatives/in-laws, while making them think that you are helping them
  • How to make people believe that you are a godman and con them immediately afterwards
  • How to get a commission w/o anyone’s knowledge for recommending vendors/services and fixing marriages
  • How to cheat voters and shamelessly (attempt to) cheat them again during the next elections
  • How to inherit property/money so that you can sit and eat for the next 50 years and be proud of it
  • Creative things to do to while-away your time in school/office
  • How to enslave people/animals/birds and hide yourself behind the veil of culture

I have many more ideas, but I’ll stop here. It’s depressing to even think about the “lofty principles” behind our “culture” and “heritage”. You people want to add some more points in the comments?

Destination Infinity

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