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Thagararu (’13) Tamil Movie Review

Thagararu is a Tamil movie released in 2013 starring Arulnidhi & Poorna and has been directed by Ganesh Vinayak. If you love violence and (fight) stunts, this is THE movie for you. Wait, there is one more reason why you should watch it – The Brilliant Climax.

Basically, it’s a story about 5 friends, who are professional robbers, and the challenges they face when they develop enmity with some powerful people in Madurai (where the movie is set). The initial robbery scenes and hero going behind heroine scenes are fine. The scenes showing the gang stealing the sacred idol of the Goddess is not very believable.

But the violence sets in once a member of their gang (friend) is killed. There is too much violence after that, and I felt as if the entire movie was about fighting and killing each other. To their credit, the fighting scenes were natural and believable (somewhat).

What I liked with the movie is the mystery – when the gang assumes that a particular person (one of the antagonists) should have killed their friend, viewer also assumes the same. That keeps them and us guessing, which is a plus.

The climax was unexpected, and I liked the twist. The different climax makes the movie worth watching, but decide beforehand if you’ll be able to take in so much violence, continuously. I have seen movies that start and continue very well, but mess up in the climax part. In this one, it’s the reverse!

I just wish the movie had (somewhat) less violence, but for a story like this it is very difficult to achieve. The songs were good, but there were a few logical errors, especially in the end (not very obvious, though). The action was very good – all the characters played their part exceedingly well. There is no superhero – all the characters are quite normal (fighting abilities, etc.), which is another plus.

On the whole – you can watch the movie for its climax, if you decide to watch it. If violence is not your favorite part in a movie, you could very well skip this one.

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