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Saivam Tamil Movie Review & Ampa Skywalk Mall, Chennai

Saivam Trailer:

Saivam is a Tamil movie released in 2014. I saw it today at PVR Cinemas, Ampa Skywalk mall (photos taken at the mall – after the review). This is an offbeat movie that tackles a difficult-to-convince subject. The trailer intrigued me and I decided to go to the theater without even watching the reviews. And I am not disappointed 🙂

Although the makers say that Saivam is a movie that tries to convey the value of vegetarianism (through a cinematic story), it’s actually about family dynamics & village life, today. While the movie has shown that very well, there is not much about vegetarianism. At least nothing convincing enough.

This is the story outline: A little girl (probably 8-year old) in a village loves her pet cock. She lives with her parents and grandparents in a large house. Since there is a village festival (thiruvizha), many relatives come to the house. The family members decide to sacrifice the cock to God, to ward off evil spirits. So the girl hides the rooster from everyone. But how long can she hide it and can she save the cock, forms the plot.

First of all, I love different/offbeat stories like this. Second, this movie has gone one step ahead and doesn’t have hero/heroine/villain, etc. The characters are normal people whom we can relate to – that is a big plus.

Even though the story is simple, it has been shown in an interesting and entertaining (somewhat humorous) way. There is no real suspense (I sort of guessed the ending), but the events keep the viewers interested. Family relationship dynamics have been shown well, and the humor makes us smile (to its credit).

But there is not much to convince/justify the core concept – vegetarianism. Someone is emotionally attached to one rooster doesn’t mean that a whole family can/will change their mind. But I feel that vegetarianism in this movie was used as a guise to show the intricacies in family relationships, and make people rethink certain blind beliefs. To that extent, the (rather challenging) subject has been dealt with quite well.

As far as the negative areas go, the relationship between the girl and the cock should have been expanded – why does the girl like this pet (over others) so much? Second, the climax, even though appropriate, is not believable.

All the actors have acted well – in particular Nasser and the little girl. The girl almost moves us to tears as the movie proceeds to the climax! If you know Tamil, this movie is a must watch – I liked it very much. This movie made me go to the theater after a long time, and I hope I will have more opportunities to view good movies like this in the theater, in the future, as well. 

Have a look at this beautiful song from Saivam –

I went to PVR Cinemas at the Ampa Skywalk mall near Anna Arch, Chennai. This is my first time there. Here are some pics taken at this mall –





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