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Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam: Movie Review

Excellent and innovative second-half. But an ordinary first half. In fact, movie goers (within the movie) mock the movie’s average first half themselves, just before the interval! One needs guts to do that and still get the approval of the producer 🙂

Kathai Thirikathai Vasanam Iyakkam is Parthiban’s attempt to make a movie without a story, and he almost succeeds in his mission until the interval. The movie tries to hold the audience attention with witty one-liners alone and that’s difficult. There should be some substance (aka story), and that comes during the second half. First half is a drag, but don’t give up on the movie based on that.

There is a story during the second half. The movie is about how a group of youngsters (who want to make a movie) brainstorm a story and convince the producer. Wait. Do they convince the producer? That’s the hook.

I liked the climax and the scenes leading up to it (also the climax song). But the story itself could have been tighter – there was no need for that suicide, and there was no need for the director to change the car scene happening in front of the jail. Over indulgence.

Even though a few one liners were witty (best word I can use in a U rated blog), many ‘comedy’ scenes did not inspire much laughter. That’s why, I think, the first half of the movie failed. Second half, in contrast, was tighter, used less ‘one-liners’ and actually focused on the story!! Yes, there is one 🙂

I like offbeat movies and this one is a good attempt. If the comedy during the first half had worked (it works, but could have been better) this film would have been a wholesome entertainer. You can actually watch this movie from the Interval onward – you won’t miss a thing! If you are a youth, you might like the comic first half, as well. 

Worth your money. Do watch it once for the out-of-the-box attempt. I hope more directors/producers in the movie industry will take such risks in the future, as well.

Kadhai Thiraikadhai Vasanam Iyakkam Movie Trailer:

Destination Infinity

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