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I’d like to write about an interview experience of a friend, before many years. Both of us were studying in college back then and one fine day he decided to find a part-time job – more for the experience, and then for some pocket money.

So he applied to Dominos Pizza and got a call for the interview. At that age, as college students, we were casual and had an uncaring attitude. What we didn’t know was, our attitude reflects in our dressing/grooming, and interviewers are sharp enough to identify them. In fact, the way we present ourselves in an interview is an important factor considered for selection!

My friend went to the interview without much of a preparation, and they asked a few things to which he answered. Then suddenly they asked why my friend had not shaven that morning (as a small stubble was visible on his face). He didn’t expect this question at all, and ended up giving an unconvincing reply that he was watching a cricket match late in the night (on the previous day), and hence he woke up late and had rushed to the interview.

They advised him against going to interviews without shaving in the morning, but gave him the job anyway. But my friend didn’t know that something he considered a small/inconsequential factor (shaving), would play such a crucial role in interviewers’ judging parameter. From then, I am sure my friend never went to an interview without properly shaving in the mornings 🙂

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  • SG

    If your job is going to be “customer facing”, then you should look neat and clean. Shaving is one of them. However, if you are going to be a researcher in a lab, then unshaved face will give you an added personality.

    What if the person looking for job is a sikh gentleman?

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