Traditional & Modern: Same?

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” – Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr. 

I am participating in a Tablog organized by CBC (Chennai Bloggers Club) where many bloggers come together and write on a topic. The topic this time is: “Chennai – A blend of Traditional and Modern.”

We think traditional and modern are different. Yes – they are, but is there a common thread connecting the two? Are traditional and modern systems designed to achieve the same?

Traditional systems may change to modern ones, the old-order maybe replaced by the new-order, but the ‘order’ remains constant!

Here are five examples to illustrate my point. This is not specific to Chennai.

Schools: There maybe more schools and more course options now, but the only purpose of education (then, now) is to imbibe discipline into kids, not educate them. We believe discipline is important to maintain an order in the society?

Movies: Traditional movies have emphasized the importance of relationships; Modern movies also emphasize the importance of relationships. Maybe relationships are important for maintaining the order?

Comedy: Traditional comedy scenes showed a self-depreciating comedian; modern comedy scenes also show self-depreciating comedians. Self-depreciation is important to avoid excesses and hence maintain order in the society?

Socializing: Socializing has shifted from the Temple/community to the Internet, but what people do in social situations remains the same. We encourage people who have similar thoughts, and discourage people who deviate from the established order?

Religion/Work: Earlier, religion was used to keep people engaged/occupied, and now work is used for the same. Keeping people occupied leaves no time to disturb the order?

So what has changed? A lot! What difference has the change resulted in? Not much!

This is my perspective. I maybe wrong – I hope I am!

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The previous entry for this tablog was by Umasree Raghunath. The next entry will be by Sulaiman Sait.

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