My Autobiography – The check-mate!

When I was young, I used to play a lot of indoor and outdoor games. Like other kids, I won some of them, lost many. But there was one game in which I was very very difficult to beat – Chess. They rightly called it the ‘Mind-game’. There are two ways of winning in Chess – One is the check-mate and the other is a Draw (Where both of you are winners). But I used a third method – The strategy of timing out the opponent! You cannot use this method at official competitions because there is a stop-clock, but […]

My Autobiography – The Cycle Dash

I have started a new category in my blog called ‘Autobiography‘. So, occasionally I will be posting some interesting events that happened in my life when I was young. As you all know, I want to write my auto-biography when I am 60. But, it is natural for people to forget the important & interesting events that happened when they were very young, at that age. So, I thought why not record some interesting events I remember now in my blog so that I can refer to these incidents, when writing my autobiography after 31 years (from now, so I […]

A Career in Sales

I was tagged by Axinia to write about all the jobs that I have held till now. So, here goes: Market Development Executive – Sales Sr. Sales Executive Sr. Executive – Marketing Sales Manager – South As you can see, there is one thing that is common with all of them – Sales. Till my final year of Engineering, I wanted to become a Software Engineer. But two incidents predominantly changed my mind. As a part of the final year curriculum, a technical project needs to be done by everyone. I wanted to do this project myself. I had selected […]

Bilingual Dilemmas

Actually, I can speak four languages – Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English (Yes, I count this as a separate language that I know!). But English is only for Business. Since, I can speak English well, Am I an Englishman? A look in the mirror confirms otherwise. Am I then Hindi? I guess not – for I can speak only broken Hindi.   We are then left with two more – Tamil and Telugu. Both are dominant languages of South India. As long I was in Chennai, there was no problem. I was a Tamilian outside my house and Telugu inside. […]