Book review – Laghukatha

I was reading two books – “My country My life” by L K Advani and “Glimpses of world history” by Jawaharlal Nehru (See how neutral I am – I read books written by leaders of both rival political parties 🙂 ) and both of them are 1000 pages plus non fiction content – so I wanted to take a break and at that time this book – Laghukatha by Sakhi, which I had ordered through the net, came. It was a welcome change. This is the first time that I have read a story which is just about 180 characters […]

Aurangzeb’s War of Succession – Mughal Empire

There were times when we would be more interested with the games period right next to the History class and all our attention would be on how many runs we would be scoring. There were days when we used to memorize the history lessons after cursing it a hundred times. Strange, it seems, when history suddenly becomes one of our most intriguing passions. Suddenly, we want to know and learn what happened before us. This is one such piece of history, which I found interesting. This one documents the means used by Aurangzeb to gain the highest position of Indian Empire. […]

Sir Winston Churchill on Hobbies

We know Sir Winston Churchill as a statesman. He commanded the British army at a time when it seemed impossible to stop the Nazis under Hitler during the second world war. The following speech during the air-raiding of the Nazis on London and elsewhere in England is a very famous one. This was broadcasted live to the nation on the radio. The link for the same is given below.   But many of us do not know the other side of Winston Churchill. He was not only a statesman and a parliamentarian but he was also a soldier, […]