The Banyan: Rehabilitating Homeless Women with Mental Illness

If you thought starting & running an orphanage is the biggest challenge, think again! The Banyan is an NGO based in Chennai that focuses on rescuing, curing and rehabilitating mentally-ill homeless women (primarily). Recently, I went to their Madras Day event, ‘From Madras to Chennai: The Banyan Journey’ and this post is a recollection of the happenings on that day. The above photo shows one side of their simple but thoughtfully designed conference room.

PV Sindhu & Sayali Gokhale: Rising World-beating Indian Badminton Stars

We can be rest assured that Indian Women’s badminton is in safe hands. Along with Olympic bronze medalist & Former World No. 2 Saina Nehwal, two more rising world-beating stars have emerged in the Indian badminton scenario – PV Sindhu & Sayali Gokhale. After cricket, the second most popular outdoor sport in India is perhaps Shuttle Badminton – At least, it was my second favorite sport (when I was younger). In spite of my valiant efforts, I repeatedly failed to qualify for my school team. Well, let’s keep my credentials aside for now… 🙂

Why Chatrapati Shivaji was a Great King

If you visit Mumbai, you’ll be surprised at how many places/venues are named after the Great Maratha King, Chatrapati Shivaji. The Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Chatrapati Shivaji Railway Terminus (CST), are just but two of them! But what makes Chatrapati Shivaji so revered, among so many successful Kings and Rulers of India? Even during his time, the Maratha empire was just one of the Indian kingdoms, and there were other large empires like Mughal Empire, Golkonda Sultanate, etc. What endears Shivaji, to not only the Marathas but also to the people of the entire nation? 

Hyder Ali & Kingdom of Mysore – Our Last Challenge!

If Tippu Sultan was the Tiger of Mysore, then Hyder Ali (his father) was its Tyrannosaurus Rex! Hyder Ali was one of the most feared Indian ruler, by the British and the map on the right shows the extent of his expansion when the Mysore empire was at its peak, in 1780. There is one important difference between Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan. Hyder Ali considered the British dominion as one of the neighboring Kingdoms, and at times sought its support as well. But Tippu Sultan was opposed to the British Empire throughout his reign. That’s why, perhaps, Tippu Sultan […]

India’s Women power in the London Olympics

India may be no China or USA or Russia whose women athletes get a lot of medals in the Olympics, but this year we have made a start. A positive one at that. Our expectations of 8-10 Olympic medals this year may seem unrealistic, but they were not based on thin-air. What’s different this year is, almost half of the projected medals are expected from Indian women. Irrespective of whether they achieve the Olympic medals or not, they will surely end up being an inspiration to millions of women back home as they have already earned the status of ‘world-beaters’. […]

Know more: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Does it take 2500 demonstrations/speeches and sacrificing ones life to bring about equality to the disadvantaged/discriminated people? That’s exactly what it took for Martin Luther King, Jr. to initiate the end for the racial discrimination against African-Americans in the US. Why is the Martin Luther King, Jr. day, the only federal holiday (in US) to be declared honoring a person? What does it take to win the Nobel peace price at 35? “The richer we have become materially, the poorer we have become morally and spiritually. We have learned to fly in the air like birds and swim in the […]

Rahul Dravid – The Great Wall of India

Image courtesy: Joseph.Joy.C; Image published under this creative commons license. Let us look at some important cricketing statistics for Rahul Dravid first: Test match batting average: 53.19; ODI batting average: 39.49 Batsman + Wicket-Keeper (part-time) Former Captain of Indian Cricket Team in both ODI and Test matches Second highest run getter in test matches (13,000+ runs); More than 10,000 runs in One Day Internationals Only batsman to score a century in all test playing nations ICC player of the year and Test player of the year (2004) Top scorer in the 1999 World Cup held in England

Florence Nightingale – The Nursing Angel

Florence Nightingale is regarded to be the pioneer in the study/documentation of the best nursing practices, and later on, establishing the first secular nursing school that heralded a whole new career of nursing which improved patient care drastically. These words may not mean much to us as we take health care for granted today (if we can afford it). But there was a time during the middle of nineteenth century when wars were commonplace and health care of wounded soldiers left to untrained/unprofessional hands. That was when an angel called Florence Nightingale was attempting to create order among the chaos, […]

Anna Hazareji’s Blog – Anna Hazare Says & Some Quotes from the Blog

India’s biggest Anti-Corruption crusader Anna Hazareji has started a blog to express his opinions and communicate with people. You can access the blog from the URL given below: Anna Hazareji’s Blog URL – The purpose of the blog, as stated in his official blog – “I will be addressing problems faced by people at every step of life and will voice my thoughts through this blog created by the people appointed by me. Interactive communication on this blog will start very soon. You can share your queries, problems, thoughts and emotions with me”