Aryabhata – I

476 – 550 CE (CE is the same as AD and BCE is the same as BC) “Chaturadhikam Shatamashtagunam Dvashashtistatha Sahasranam Ayutadvayavi Shkambhasyasanno Vrttaparinahah” – Ganita Pada, 10 – Aryabhatiya. Roughly translated: “Add 4 to 100, multiply by 8 and add to 62000. This is approximately the circumference of a circle whose diameter is 20000” Implying PI = 62832/20000 = 3.1416 One of his most important legacies is his accurate knowledge of the value of Pi. Especially when Pi could be expressed only as a whole number ratio as there was no system for decimal fractions back then. Prior to […]

Otto Von Bismarck

1815 – 1898 Germany, unlike England and France was not a united nation, for quite a long time. Bismarck’s most important legacy is the unification of Germany. Germany had existed as a collection of a lot of separate principalities, and free cities, since the formation of the Holy Roman Empire. Bismarck was the first leader to unite a major portion of what is referred to as Germany, today. Otto Von Bismarck was not the prince of Prussia – which was by far the largest constituent of the divided Germany. In 1848, Prussia faced a revolution, which resulted in the creation […]

Two Great Tennis Players

His childhood was a huge tragedy. Even before he was born, three of his older siblings died. When he was barely 18, his mother died. Three years later, his father and brother died. At the young age of 22, he was the only survivor of a once big family. He was encouraged to play Tennis by a relative, who considered it to be a form of therapy for his grief. Five years later, he became the first American player to win a tournament at Wimbledon, in England. In the 1920’s he dominated the sport of Tennis like no one else. […]

Delhi Metro – Showing the Way Forward

Elattuvalapil Sreedharan is the name of the person who has shown to the whole nation that it is possible to achieve in spite of the system. He had implemented two important Railway projects – The Konkan Railway network covering rough terrains which was considered impossible to traverse, and more lately, The Delhi Metro. The Government departments and their projects are generally considered to be done at a snail’s pace. There are a lot of allegations of favoritism, when it comes to the appointments of staff and allegations of corruption when it comes to the awarding of contracts. There was one […]

The Longest Jump

The Longest Jump Long Jump Event, Bejing Olympics, China Among the various athletes participating, the Chinese athlete Wong Chung and the Tibetian athlete Malang were the favorites to win the gold medal. The qualification rounds were underway and the players needed to jump at-least 7.15 m to qualify. Wong Chung had already made it in the first jump. For some reason, the Tibetian athlete Malang was not able to concentrate. He took the first jump, and over stepped the jumping board. It was a Foul. The second jump also resulted in over stepping and he fouled again. There are only […]