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    Drone Camera in India: To Buy or Not to Buy

    Over the last few days, I have been searching the Internet on what people think about buying and using an entry-level drone camera in India. I would want to use it mostly for personal/recreational purposes but sometimes I may want to take it to a few events to get short photo/video snippets from a different angle. Looks like this question is more complex than it sounds. In fact, one major online publisher even wrote that it’s legal to buy a drone in India, but illegal to use it! Drone pilots are facing problems at multiple places across India – the Internet is filled with such stories. It seems any drone…

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    Our New Photo Light Box for Product Photography

    So here is our new Photo Light Box with LED Lights for Product Photography. We’ll mostly be using it to take photos of our fashion jewellery products, but we can also use it to photograph other small products that can fit in. There are two main uses of taking photos using a light box setup. One, we can get product photos with a neat/uniform white or black background – without any distractions. Second, the LED light mounted on the box provides a focused light source close to the product and the white walls reflect light inside the product – so the product looks bright and well lit. This Light Box…

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    3D Photo Slideshow – Our Taj Mahal Trip Photos

    I have now learned how to create 3D Models – the 3D Taj Mahal you see in the above video was created by me from scratch. I have also learned how to convert regular photos into 3D objects. I have placed these 3D photos around the 3D Taj Mahal set created by me, in the above video. Now, when I move the camera from one photo to another, a 3D photo slideshow effect is created. Look at how beautifully the photos blend in 3D space. I plan to create more 3D sets like these in order to use them as backgrounds/props for my 3D slideshows. The world of 3D is…

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    Promo Video for our Fashion Bangle (30-sec)

    I guess you all know that Ramya makes Fashion Jewellery and I make Videos. So when the two skills combine, we get a beautiful video for a Fashion Jewellery product (Bangle – Gold-colour Metal with Blue Crystals). After quite a long time, we have come out with pricing (at least for this one), a way for customers to place orders and ways to collect payment. So to celebrate our pro-activeness, I thought why not share the video everywhere possible, including this blog 🙂 Destination Infinity PS: It’s OK if you don’t want to place an order for the bangle, just comment on how is the video – that’ll do 😉…

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    Think Beyond a Selfie for the Best Selfie Experience

    That’s one of our favorite photos taken using a selfie camera because it shows our favorite game (Darts) right behind us. Ya, we still play these sort of games sometimes. We don’t keep scores and all, but we just play for fun 🙂 But, knowing me, you should have guessed I wouldn’t stop with that photo. A selfie photo always has the potential to become more interesting. How about removing the background for a start. Here is the result, This one with a transparent background looks better, doesn’t it? But if you really want to make the selfie photo look at its bestest and unique, you ought to think WILD and OUTSIDE…

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    Selfie Video with Peacock #DiwaliDecor

    Here is my Selfie Photo/Video with Peacock flower arrangement at Phoenix MarketCity, Velachery, Chennai on the occasion of #DiwaliDecor. Wait, there is a twist to this selfie – watch it for yourself, Destination Infinity PS: Howzz ittt? 🙂 Disclaimer: This video was made for a selfie contest organized by Phoenix MarketCity. If you feel this should be labeled as a sponsored post, then it is.