Statues of famous personalities along the Marina Beach in Chennai

The Marina Beach, is not only famous for its long sandy beach, but also for the beautiful surroundings, old iconic buildings and more importantly, the various statues of famous personalities all along its length. Labour Statue: This is a labor statue, dedicated to the various laborers who work hard to build every nation. Since I went there on May 1 (International Workers/ Laborers day), the statue was even garlanded!

Vivekananda House (Vivekanandar Illam) Museum in Chennai

“So long as even a single dog in my country is without food, my whole religion is to feed it and serve it. Anything excluding that, is un-religious” – Vivekananda Swami Vivekananda was perhaps the first English speaking saint who represented the East (particularly India) positively, and created a good impression of Indian scriptures, Advaita Vedanta and Yoga among westerners. Swami Vivekananda stayed at the Vivekananda HouseĀ  from 6th February to 14th February, 1897 after his return from his first journey to the Western countries. The Vivekananda House (Or Ice House/ Vivekanandar Illam) is located on the main road facing […]

The Marina Beach in Chennai

The Marina Beach, is located in the heart of Chennai and is considered to be one of the longest beaches in the world (The whole stretch from the harbor to Besant Nagar beach is around 14 KM). At places, the beach (filled with soft sand) extends over widths of even 300-400 meters. Marina Beach is one of the most popular (and crowded) tourist destination in Chennai, but it can accommodate all the people!

Anna Nagar Tower Park in Chennai

I have a lot of nostalgic memories associated with the Anna Nagar Tower Park, in Anna Nagar, Chennai. This is also called Visveswaraya Tower. I have been to this park many times (right from a very young age till now) and I have always found it refreshing and interesting! The Anna Nagar Tower is near Anna Nagar Roundtana (Actually, Round Turn Over changed in to that easily pronounceable word šŸ™‚ & Ayyappan Temple). Timings: 5:30 AM to 10:30 AM ; 4 PM to 7 PM