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The most important person of his life

“There is a holy mistaken zeal in politics as well as in religion. By persuading others, we convince ourselves”

Ravi was frustrated.

He was a very successful politician. And since he was in politics, he had all the big connections. He was one of the most influential persons in his city. Initially, it was hard for him to get recognised in politics, but later on he learnt how to manipulate – both people and situations. He knew exactly what people wanted and he exchanged this with what he wanted. He was clear about what he wanted – Power, influence, connections and to a certain extent money and the comforts it can bring. He was considered a successful politician because which ever party he joined in a particular election, that party won the state elections. His calculations were always spot on. He knew how to play the game.

There was only one person he was not able to understand – his daughter Pavitra. She was the most important person of his life after the death of his wife when Pavitra was young. Hence he wanted to give her all the comforts and luxuries that money can provide.

Any kid would love toys. Especially the flashy and expensive ones. But Pavitra never seemed to have an inclination towards these toys. She enjoyed a stroll in the park with him more than the wireless remote controlled TV Video games that he bought for her. Such strolls were rare as he was busy back then, like now.

Any girl would love jewellery. He had bought her a lot of jewellery – Gold, Diamonds and what not. But all that was safely kept in the locker. As long as he could remember, she wore only one thin gold chain with emerald – her birth stone. She also preferred simple cotton dresses over the expensive silk ones that he specially arranged for her from Kanchipuram.

She was good in studies. She was interested in reading a lot of books too. But he never bothered much about her academics as he knew that he had the power, the influence, the big connections – those that mattered the most. He was glad that she wanted to do the MBBS course after finishing school. Becoming a doctor was anytime prestigious. He was doubly happy when she was not able to get through the MBBS course though the open category inspite of scoring good marks as the competition was intense. He was happy not because she was unable to qualify, but he was happy because at last, he could make his daughter happy by getting an MBBS seat from one of the prestigious colleges in the city as he knew the dean and they could afford the donation.  He told her as much.

“No dad. I don’t want to join an MBBS course through donations and influence. If I am not able to qualify through the system by scoring the required marks, then I would rather join a B.Sc course”

“The system has been created by people like us for people like us who have the right connections, influence and money. Do you want to sacrifice your life time ambition for such a reason?”

He didn’t have to wait for an answer. Her eyes said it all.

Ravi was frustrated.

All the power, influence, connections and money that he had was not able to buy happiness for the most important person of his life – his daughter.

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