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Photos of the Taj Mahal made for Advenntures Tajmahal Entertainment Expo at Coimbatore

The below photo is not of the real Taj Mahal (which is situated in Agra, India). A miniature model of the Taj was made for the “Advenntures Taj Mahal Entertainment Exhibition” at Coimbatore, India. Since I live in this place now, I thought why not check it out!

In fact, the miniature was made quite well, and the lighting effects very appropriate! You can see the photos for yourself below:

Taj Mahal Expo in CoimbatoreTaj Mahal Expo CoimbatoreTaj Mahal Expo CoimbatoreTaj Mahal Expo CoimbatoreTaj Mahal Expo CoimbatoreTaj Mahal Expo CoimbatoreTaj Mahal Expo CoimbatoreTaj Mahal Expo CoimbatoreTaj Mahal Expo Coimbatore

Of course, this exhibition was not only to showcase the miniature model of Taj Mahal, but also use it to draw huge crowds to the home needs exhibition with a lot of stalls and a lot of games (Giant Wheel shown in the above picture is just one of them, I decided not to take photos of the remaining rides because they were only too familiar and I did not know how to take good photos of moving objects – any tips?). The entrance ticket for this exhibition costs Rs,. 30 (INR) and I guess its worth the experience. It seems this fair would be on till October 17th, 2010 near the VOC Park (grounds) in Avinashi Road at Coimbatore, India.

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  • Avada Kedavra

    Beautiful pics..

    Btw I am not able to get your feeds onto my google reader.. I dint get this post on my reader.. something must be wrong with your RSS feeds.. verify once..

    Actually I have changed my URL from to, So, all the earlier feed subscriptions would not work now as I am posting in the new URL. Actually, I have shifted from to self hosting platform at – You need to just add this new URL – in your google reader or any other feed reader and it would work from now on….

  • Harini

    The pictures are so beautiful :). And do you need word verification? And also it isnt accepting my mail if of my own.

    Word verification is required for self hosted blogs, there were so many spam mails before I kept it! Ah, how good was…. You generally get to know how good home is, only after you leave it… sigh

  • Abe

    You have covered the event very well. Very informative.

    Increase the shutter speed for taking fast moving picture. But I like the pictures with the drag, its more realistic.

    • Rajesh K

      Thanks for your comment and your suggestion. I will use it when I buy a digital camera… right now i am using my camera in my mobile to take pictures…

      Destination Infinity

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