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Ananda Salai – Exhibition on Traffic Rules in Coimbatore!

U Turn and No U Turn Signs Ananda Salai means Enjoyable Roads! So, the Coimbatore Traffic Wardens and Police have jointly organized this exhibition to bring about some awareness of traffic rules and best practices and also to try to make the driving experience in city roads enjoyable!

As far as I know, I have never before come across an exhibition on Traffic rules and road safety! So, when the advertisements read ‘The Worlds largest Road Safety Campaign’ and all the public are welcome, I thought why not check it out? It was being held in the V.O.C grounds, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore.

It seems both the Traffic Wardens and Coimbatore City Police have their own websites. I quote the following from their website –

“If a person could start enjoying a drive he/she will naturally only reflect smile and cheer. There may not be accidents or anger, as this state of mind will allow only behavior such as adjustments and giving way to fellow road users.

As well a positive attitude towards road rules will easily lead us to a safer zone as all these road rules are so user friendly. We believe our efforts in education will play a major role if these aspects are rightly emphasized with direct public participation.

Smiles are simple subjects that can go miles, we are sure this will go through any hurdles and will certainly reach our target audience and changes can sure be expected. All it needs is that we need to believe and take a humble step forward, happily while driving. Feeling good? Just be happy day after day. Coimbatore will smile you back” 🙂

Some photos taken in that exhibition are published below –

Ananda Salai - Traffic Awareness Exhibition in CoimbatoreMandatory and Cautionary Signs Traffic Rules in IndiaDefensive Driving SuggestionsMeaning of Traffic Signs - Directional ArrowsPhoto of Speed Alcohol Gun and Breath alcohol analyzerPhoto taken in Ananda Salai - Traffic rules awareness exhibition in CoimbatoreFine for not wearing helmet in IndiaPhoto of the stage and audience in traffic awareness exhibition in coimbatoreTraffic wardens coimbatore - Do you agree that we need a change in driving attitudeThey also made me to sign the following declaration (which we could take home!) –

“I promise to drive safely, to obey the rules of the road , to ensure safety for me and my fellow motorists.

Every day in every way I will continue to drive with a commitment – to drive safely for an accident free Coimbatore”

Nice initiative…. 🙂

Destination Infinity

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  • Bikram

    YEs , traffic in india is chaos.. but if we all learn then it will become easier to travel and more comfortable…

    Nice thought and initiative


    Traffic, is just the reflection of the kind of lives that we lead… discipline needs to be inculcated in all aspects of life, including traffic. But I am glad that at least some people are taking initiatives like this.

  • vishesh

    Really nice initiative! Though I would love to start a campaign for closing potholes in our roads.

    Closing or leveling? Are they still open in some places? Fortunately here we don't have such problems. But the potholes need leveling in certain places! Otherwise it is a bumpy ride!

  • kanagu

    Wow.. nice initiative DI and good that you have attended it 🙂 You are making some good photo posts now-a-days 🙂 🙂

    Yeah, I have a lot of time now a days – that's why I am able to do photo posts!

  • Swaram

    Wow! That ws a much needed one. Hope all the people took home some lessons too 🙂

    We were made to sign that declaration and take it home too…. !! 🙂

  • Sandhya

    This is a very good and useful post, Destination Infinity! You have covered some important posters too…about traffic rules, signs etc. which will be useful for everyone. We think that we know everything, but when we see it here, some signs are new to us.My husband always says that a good driver should expect others making mistakes if not us, and drive accordingly/carefully.

    If your posts get updated like others, automatically, it will be nice.

    It should, this is a blog like any other! The only difference it being on self hosted WP. Perhaps you could try with and without www

    Yeah, that's true. You always ought to consider the hundreds of possibilities that the driver in front of you could exercise. May be that's why we are so good at Chess!! 🙂

  • Avada Kedavra

    That is such a great initiative.. wish they would have some campaigns in Blore too.. much needed here.. traffic is so horrific and nobody cares for rules!

    Bglore is better, the way traffic moves in Hyd makes your head spin!! Its difficult to even walk on Hyd roads,,, What I don't like in Coimbatore is, people break signals at will. I don't see this happen much at Bglore or Chennai, at least in the main junctions!

  • krishnapriya.j

    Its a worderful job created by THE TRAFFIC WARDENS of coimbatore. People can know about the traffic rules & obey that. THANK U.

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