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My favorite Indian Devotional Songs

christmas decoration with inter religious symbols - hindu muslim and christianLook at the above picture closely – do you see anything different? Actually, this decoration was done for Christmas celebrations. Ok, now look at the below picture for a close up shot.

christmas decoration with inter religious symbols - hindu christian and muslimIts a Christmas decoration, but has symbols of the two other religions – Hindu (Om symbol) and Muslim (Part Moon and Star). That, I guess is the spirit of India!

I was inspired by that decoration to mention a few of my favorite songs of the ‘Devotional genre’ . I mention these songs because I liked the music so much, and I must mention that I never follow the lyrics, unless they are exceptional. I am not even sure if all of them are devotional! Anyways check it out, if you have not heard them before:

Song: Om Namah Shivaya (Movie: Banaras, Language: Hindi)

It was the first time that I heard Shreya Ghosal sing – and what a song!! I didn’t even know that there was a music director by the name Himesh Reshammiya until then! I must have listened to this song more than a hundred times back then.

Song(s): Om Simoham and Maa Ganga (Movie: Naan Kadavul, Language{movie}: Tamil)

One full length Sanskrit song and one full length Hindi song (that too title song) in a Tamil movie – can you believe it?!! Even the other songs rocked in this movie – Ilayaraja shows why he is a class apart quite clearly in this movie!

Song: Piya Haji Ali… (Movie: Fiza, Language: Hindi)

When I first heard this song, I didn’t know that it was composed by A.R.Rehman. But I still liked it very much! And after I came to know that, I liked it even more!! I love the tune and the rhythm of this song. The way the singer has rendered the song is beautiful, and the beats are nice too, to say the least!

Song: Anbenra Mazhayile agilangal ninayave… (Movie: Minsara Kanavu, Sapne in Hindi; Language: Tamil)

If this song doesn’t touch your heart, I don’t know what will! Even a non-religious atheist will be in deep meditation if they listen to this song. A lesser known masterpiece that was eclipsed among the other gems in this movie.

Song: Khwaja mere Khwaja… (Movie: Jodhaa Akbar, Language: Hindi)

Somehow, this song connects to me! I guess its the amazing video. In fact, the cinematography of the whole movie was exceptional!

Song: O Paalanhare… (Movie: Lagaan, Language: Hindi)

Amazing song. You keep wondering how a song can be made with such minimal music and the vocal going so slow! I can just keep listening to this song on and on…. especially when you know the situation in which the song comes in the movie.

Do let know your favorite devotional songs in the comments section. I would love to listen to them!

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  • Bikram

    Good observation and nice pics .. we need such things s owe all in india can unite together to make our nation a better place to live in ..

    and some good devotional song..


    The decoration was nice, and the direct view was better than the view we get in the photo here.

  • Sri

    To DI,

    Jodha Akbar is a fiction. And you live in a delusional world and you spoil others too.

    This post is not about Jodha Akbar, its about the songs and music behind the songs. Its definitely not about songs from a particular religion. Secondly, if there are any more comments from you like the first one which I moderated, it will be deleted again.

    To Bikram,

    Can you explain how people can unite? Unite for what? Unite against what?

    • Sri

      What was the so called first comment? Whats wrong with it?

      I just mentioned some comments attributed to Mahatma by universally recognized authors. If you feel they are apocryphal, you should mention it.

      Anger and hate are vice. But servility is equally a vice.

  • Avada Kedavra

    Hey great song list.. I have heard all the hindi ones.. O Paalanhare being my most fav in the lot..I love Khwaja mere Khwaja too 🙂 And the pic, it is so admirable.. the artist must really be appreciated for his spirit to unite all the religions!

    I loved all the songs in Lagaan! This one in particular, because it was so slow!! khwaja song is different, I guess quite unique for our films…

  • Avada Kedavra

    Also can you add a recent posts list at the side? It is difficult to go to the previous post.

    You can click on 'Home' button and go to the previous posts no? The recent posts might also be a good idea for ppl to check – I will put it soon…

  • Swaram

    Such a nice pic! Gr8 idea of decor 🙂

    Khwaja mere khwaja is my most fav song among whatever I hv heard of this list 🙂

    Lemme go listen to Maa Ganga now 🙂

    Also listen to Anbenra Mazhayile in Tamil or the equivalent song in Sapne, Hindi. Its too melodious!

  • Sandhya

    'Anbendra mazhaiyile' is my favourite no.1. Then comes 'khwaja mere khwaja'! Rahaman is too good to believe!

    I like 'naan kadavul' song and Lagaan song too…huh, all the songs in your list!

    I remember 'humko manki shakti dena' from 'Guddi' and 'indu enage govinda', Kannada song from 'eradu kanasu' I don't remember the song now, but one song is there in film 'Hum dono', which is a very melodious one. I couldn't get it in 'you tube'.

    The humko man ki shakti dena' is a simple but melodious song – nicely rendered! The second Kannada song was real classical! The singer, I guess has really done a very good job! She sang it in a high pitched tune while still making it look melodious! Nice one…

  • Harini

    The pic is great. I love the Hindi songs you mentioned. Have you heard Arziya from Delhi-6? Its not all that devotional but a beautiful song :).

    I heard the arziya song now… its nice… the maula maula part is catchy!

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