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A Song dedicated to Valentines day

I know Valentines day is over, but I could not have published this one on that day, believe me πŸ˜‰

There is a Tamil Song from the movie Dheena – Sollamal Thottu Chellum Thendral…. (Cast – Ajith Kumar and Laila; Lyrics – Vijay Sagar; Music – Yuvan Shankar Raja; Singer – Hariharan). I think this song can be dedicated to the spirit of Valentines day. Want proof? I have given the translation of the important (selected) part of the lyrics in English, along with the Tamil lines, below. Read those gem of lines yourself!

“Indha kadhalinal, kaatril parakkum kaagidham aanenn…”

I have become like a paper, flying in air because of Love…

“Kadhalin Avasthai Edhirikkum Vendam…. Naragam Sugamallava…”

I do not wish the pain of Love even to my enemy; Hell is more comfortable

“Neruppai Vizhungi vitten… Ooo Amilam Arundhi vitten…”

I (feel like) have swallowed the fire… drunk the poison…

“Noyai nenjil ni nuzandhai, marundhai yenadi thara marutthai?”

You came in to my heart like an ailment; but you forgot to give me the medicine…

Pengalin ullam padu kuzhi yenben… Vizhundhu yezhundhavan yaar… Aazham alandhavan yaar… karayai kadandhavan yaar…”

The heart of women is like a huge pit… Who has ever got out after falling in?… Who has ever measured the depth… Who has crossed the shore?….

“Kadhal Irrukkum bayatthinil than, kadavul bhoomikku varuvadhillai… Meeri avan, bhoomi vandhal, dhadiyudan than alaivar veedhiyile…”

Its due to the fear of Love, that God doesn’t come to earth… If he comes in spite of that, he would have to roam around the streets with a beard!….

So, looks like Ajith Kumar has had a glimpse of the truth, in spite of Laila coming in between so many times in the screen… πŸ˜›

Destination Infinity

PS: None of the views mentioned here are my own, I have just translated the song from Tamil to English… πŸ˜€


    • Rajesh K

      Dheena is the name of the movie… I have given the english translation no… try to decipher the message…

      Destination Infinity

  • Sandhya

    I remembered Kannadasan’s song, ‘kadavul manidanaai pirakka vendum, avan kaadaliththu vedanaiyil vaada vendum…’!

    The meaning of the lyrics of this song never registered until now! I like Laila, she is so bubbly.

    The new crop of lyricists, Na.Muthukumar, Tamarai etc. are very good.

    ‘None of the views mentioned here are my own, I have just translated the song from Tamil to English… ‘ Even if these words are of yours, we don’t mind reading them, Destination Infinity! But we will be happy to read more!!

  • wati

    Rajesh thank u for translate the song. Am a non Tamil speaking.
    i grow up with tamil movie n songs. this one of my fav..

    • Rajesh K

      No doubt this one’s got wonderful music – And lyrics πŸ™‚ Glad to know that the translation has been useful to someone!

      Destination Infinity

  • Sarangh

    If I get the whole song’s I will really be happy…… My girlfriend from Gujarat wants to knw… And she just loves this song so much.. I am not able to translate exactly like u have done above…I too dont speak much of Tamil….

    • Rajesh K

      Although the music is great, this song is quite negative – so there is a risk of your girlfriend not liking the lyrics. Let me see if I can get you the translation of a more positively worded song on love.

      Destination Infinity

      • Sarangh

        But it’s oky, brother… Jst if u can get me the exact meaning… It’ll be really great… Music doesn’t have positive or negative wings… It’s just music.. She has heard a song called ava enna thedi vandha anjala.. I think it also has some negative ups. Yet she liked it..

        Sarangh dev

        • Rajesh K

          Sollamal thottu chellum thendral; En kaathal devathayin kangal….

          My lover’s eyes are like the breeze that touches and leaves me without any intimation..

          Nenjathil kotti chellum minnal; kannoram minnum aval kaathal….

          Her love that reflects in the corner of her eyes is like a lightning that hits my heart..

          Oru naalukkulle mella mella; un mounam yennai kolla kolla; indha kaathalinaal kaatril parakkum kaagitham-aanen….

          Within a day, slowly, your silence is killing me; Because of your love, I have become like a paper flying in the wind..

          Kaadhalin avasthai edhirikkum vendam; naragam sugamallava….

          I wouldn’t want the torture of love even for my enemy; hell is relatively comfortable..

          Neruppai vizhungivitten; amilam arundhivitten….

          I (feel like) I have gobbled fire; drunk poison..

          Noyai nenjil nee nuzhainthai; marundhai yenadi thara maruthai….

          You came into my heart like a disease; and you refuse to give me the medicine..

          Vaalibathin solayile ragasiyamai poo parithaval nee thaane….

          In the garden of youth, you secretly plucked a flower..

          Pengalin ullam padukuzhi yenben vizhunthu yezhunthavan yaar…. Aazham alandhavan yaar; karayai kadanthavan yaar….

          The heart of women is like a big pit – who has come up after falling down.. Who has measured the depths; who has crossed the shore..

          Kaathal irukkum bayathinil than, kadavul boomikku varuvathillai…. Meedhiavan boomi vandhal dhaadi-yudan than alaivan veedhiyile….

          It is because of the fear of love that God doesn’t descend on Earth.. In spite of that, if God comes down, he will only roam in the streets with a beard..

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