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Palakkad Fort

The Fort in Palakkad, Kerala is right in the center of the city. It seems this fort was constructed by Hyder Ali (Father of Tippu Sultan), and it was intended to connect Mysore rulers with the North Kerala/ Western TN regions.

Palakkad Fort - View from outsideThis is one shot taken from outside (near the entrance). As you can see, there is water all around this huge fort, which is supposed to keep enemies at bay. Maybe they had crocodiles in the water, back then.

palakkad Fort seen from outside (on the bridge)It seems this fort existed before Hyder Ali, but was re-built with a strong fortification by Hyder Ali to protect the interests of the Mysore Kingdom in this strategic area. From there on, this fort has changed hands between Mysore rulers and the British, many times till at last it was annexed in to the Madras East India Company by the British after they defeated Tippu Sultan in Srirangapatna.

A view from the top of the Palakkad FortThe defense fortification from inside looks very impressive. There are circular structures of rectangular shaped openings, from which the soldiers could view outside and perhaps attack the enemy. These circular structures are present all around the Fort and there are at least eight of them that I saw along the long boundary of the Fort, which makes the walk around the Fort a rather tedious one!

Palakkad Fort Circular Defense FortificaitonsInside the Fort, I saw a HUGE tree (perhaps very old) that looked very impressive. To understand its real size, look at the size of the people on the left hand side!

huge tree inside palakkad fortThese days the Fort is being used to house Government Offices, Temple, Police Station and even a Sub-jail. One of the offices inside the Fort is shown below – it has the typical Kerala style roof with many tiles. Many houses are still constructed in this style in Kerala.

An government office functioning inside palakkad fort with thatched tiled roof There is a Pillared Hall, which was constructed during the time of Hyder Ali. This pillared hall has been renovated and maintained now by the Archaeological Society of India.

palakkad fort museum - hall with pillarsInside this hall, there is a small museum with some statues/ stone carvings on pillars dating back a long time. There is also a brief history of the fort and photos of other forts/ similar monuments across India. If you go to Palakkad, this Fort might be a good place to visit as it is relatively intact and did not sustain much damages during the course of history.

You can see many more photos taken by me in Palakkad Fort, in the below embedded video slide show (Youtube, 2 min: 56 sec)

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