Malampuzha Dam & Gardens in Palakkad

Malampuzha Dam doesn’t have the scenic location or views like the Azhiyar Dam in Pollachi, but whatever is around this dam, has been painfully and beautifully constructed to make it a good picnic spot. When I went, the famous Malampuzha gardens were being renovated and hence it was closed temporarily for visitors. Malampuzha Dam is around 7-8 KM from Palakkad, on road.

malampuzha dam in palakkad When I went, we were not allowed to walk on the pathway over the dam – because of that, I was not able to get a good view to click. There were mountains behind the water, but one can see it from the other side!

malampuzha dam in palakkad - the waterThere was a statue of a farmer just outside this dam, and it looked impressive enough for a click:

statue of a farmer in malampuzha dam palakkadThe aquarium there has a very interesting construction – in the form of a fish, but as I went during (almost) lunch time, I was not able to go inside.

aquarium in malampuzha dam palakkadThe Malampuzha Gardens, as I mentioned before, was closed for renovation. I took some pictures from outside, which I have published below. There is a cable car and a rope way that takes people on a ride over the gardens.

malampuzha gardens in palakkad - four lions ashoka pillar under constructionchildrens play area in malampuzha gardens palakkadmalampuzha garden palakkad stepsmalampuzha garden palakkad keralaNext to the Malampuzha Dam and Garden, there is a Snake park in which a lot of species of snakes were kept. There was even a crocodile and a mongoose (I guess). One of the structures containing the snakes was open and you can see one snake over the wooden branch looking at me while I was taking the photo!

a snake looking at me in malampuzha dam snake parkmongoose in malampuzha dam snake park Destination Infinity

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26 thoughts on “Malampuzha Dam & Gardens in Palakkad

  1. Nice photographs, esp. the first two! The man looks so real, I thought he was real!

    The mud near the slide looks so dirty, how can the kids play there?

    We have to visit the dam one day!

    1. Maybe after the gardens are renovated, they would make it neat. Yeah sure, do visit after the gardens are opened…

      Destination Infinity

    1. It would have been better if I had been able to go inside the gardens… Nyways maybe I can go there again after the renovation is over 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  2. The statue of the worker is captivating!! Lovely pictures Rajesh! Ofcourse my fav one in this is the 2nd pic!!
    Palakkad has so many interesting places to be explored! Thanks for sharing these tips!!

    1. Actually there were some more places to explore nearby Palakkad (away from Cbe). But since I had only one day, and went in a bike, was afraid that I would become too tired! Maybe some other day…

      Destination Infinity

  3. I want to visit Palghat during April 11 end with family consisting of one child aged 7 years. Somebody may kindly indicate the following:
    1. Whether Malampuzha dam renovation work is over now.
    2. Other tourist places at Palghat.
    3. Budget hotels to stay at Palghat

    1. 1. Not sure.
      2. Palakkad Fort & Rock Gardens (Rock gardens are very near to Malampuzha dam – don’t miss it, its been wonderfully done).
      3. Not sure.

      Destination Infinity

  4. I’ve visited Malampuzha twice. it’s a really nice plcae. your pictures are lovely. I am planning to visit again on coming Tuesday, 7th June 2011 with my family and also my teammates. We are planning to spend time in the Fantasy, the theme park too.

    1. When I went there, the gardens were closed for renovation. Hopefully it is open by now. If you go there do visit the Rock Gardens which is around 1 KM from Malampuzha Dam – Its a nice place.

      Destination Infinity

  5. Is the dam open now after renovation? Can someone tell which bus to take from palakad city to reach the dam?

  6. for all ma frnds here,the renovation of the garden is over an the inauguration is on 3.2.12 ie today 🙂 ther are a hell lot of buses plying to malampuzha frm plkd city.

    1. Thank you so much for that info… I am sure a lot of visitors to this post might find it useful. Glad to know that the park is reopening after renovation.

      Destination Infinity

  7. well maintained tourist park,water is very much pure,children”s park is very good.rope way staff are very cardial,.Entrance fee is very nominal and rope way cost is very reasonable.But the swimming pool charges are high. shunting car service to peak of the dam is available.
    Totally A must see park!

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