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My favorite Top 10 Bollywood (Hindi) Songs for April 2011

I managed to come up with a list of my favorite Top 10 Bollywood (Hindi) songs for the movies released in April 2011. You might be surprised at how many good songs have been made in Bollywood and you missed! And we are talking about the Hindi albums/ songs released in a single month – April 2011!

Do let me know what you think of the selection of songs/ their positions and also how many songs from this list you were familiar with, earlier.

My favorite top 10 Bollywood (Hindi) songs for April 2011:

Counting down from Song No. 10 to Song No. 1,

No. 10‘Jiyein Koun’ (Dum Maaro Dum)

No. 9‘Hi Fi’ (Chalo Dilli)

No. 8‘Tum bin yeh dil’ (Zokkomon)

No. 7‘Lejha tu mujhe’ (F.A.L.T.U)

No. 6‘Bichede hue’ (Naughty @ 40)

No. 5‘Pigeon Kabootar’ (Theen they bhai)

No. 4‘Saibo’ (Shor in the city)

No. 3‘Char baj gayi’ (F.A.L.T.U)

No. 2‘Te Amo’ (Dum Maaro Dum)

No. 1‘Pyar mein’ (Thank you)

Destination Infinity

PS: Honorary mention: ‘Karma is a Bitch’ from Shor in the city. This song is too good, and somehow I missed it in my top ten list! Thanks for mentioning it AK!


  • BIkram

    OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDD.. I cant beleive this I have heard NONE of these songs ..

    Man i am so far behind time .. I need to update myself and my playlist

    • Rajesh K

      Don’t worry, for the last one and a half years I had no clue which movies/ which songs were released. But I am glad that atleast now I am connecting back to Bollywoooooooood!!!!

      Destination Infinity

  • Avada Kedavra

    ok. I have just heard song 1, 2, 4 in the list 😐
    You shud listen to “Character Deela” from Ready, “Karma is a bitch” from Shor in the city and “Life sahi hai” from Pyar Ka Punchnama (my current favs).

    • Rajesh K

      Thanks for listening. The two movies – Ready and Pyar ka punchnama were released in June and May respectively, so I did not consider them for best songs of April 2011 – You can expect atleast one of them next month.

      I know Karma is a bitch is a nice song – It almost made it to the list, but later I decided not to go with it. I can select only ten songs! and my choice of songs would have a slight melodious touch as I like songs of that genre more. In fact all the songs could have been melodious, had I not slightly balanced it out!!

      Destination Infinity

      • Rajesh K

        Listening to ‘Karma is a bitch’ again, I feel it should have made it! Somehow I missed this one – the song is too good!!

        Destination Infinity

        PS: The other two songs you mentioned were nice, but not (too) good 🙂

    • Rajesh K

      Its actually a tough job – I guess, next time I could just arrange them in the alphabetical order 😛

      Destination Infinity

    • Rajesh K

      That song could have been placed a couple of spots below, but I wanted a good song to open the countdown 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  • jyotish

    hi, nice collection of songs. I like ‘Teamo’ and ‘saibo’. And add ‘Dhan Te Nan’ (from Kaminey) to this list. Infact Dhan Te Nan is also my nomination for sony splash the bass contest. I have posted this song as my favourite song and expecting good votes there. The winner gets walkman music player, so im excited. Pls vote for me, most voted song will become the winner. My nomination is posted at

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