My selection for Top 10 South Indian Songs for May 2011

For South Indian, I considered four languages – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada & Malayalam. All the songs mentioned below are from the movies released in one month – May 2011.

The selection is my own, and I tried my best to listen to most of the songs released in May 2011. But since I was not able to listen to certain songs online, I might not have included them.

Also understand that musical tastes differ from person to person. But since all the below songs have been selected after multiple levels of scrutiny, they must be good! Try listening to songs in languages you are not familiar.

The songs below have been linked to sources from where you can listen to them Online.

Rules for Commenting: Listen to at least one minute of any one of the below songs and then comment 🙂

Song No. 10 – Song: Oliavalli Naanu; Movie: Noorondu Baagilu; Language: Kannada

Song No. 9 – Song: Ninaivugal Thane; Movie: Kandaen; Language: Tamil

Song No. 8 – Song: Ekkadekkada; Movie: Veera; Language: Telugu

Song No. 7 – Song: Chanda O Chanda; Movie: Mallikarjuna; Language: Kannada

Song No. 6 – Song: Thee Illai; Movie: Engeyum Kadhal; Language: Tamil

Song No. 5 – Song: Ithile Varoo; Movie: The Train; Language: Malayalam

Song No. 4 – Song: Infatuation; Movie: 100% Love; Language: Telugu

Song No. 3 – Song: Engeyum Kadhal; Movie Engeyum Kadhal; Language: Tamil

Song No. 2 – Song: Neerali Sana; Movie: Hudugru; Language: Kannada

Song No. 1 – Song: Dheere Dheere Dille; Movie: Seematapakai; Language: Telugu

Enjoy 🙂

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One thought on “My selection for Top 10 South Indian Songs for May 2011

  1. Dude..
    You are doing a fantastic job… Appreciate it again.. But I still can’t believe you are not using to pick songs (Especially Kannada). Neeralli Sanna – the 2nd rated song in your list is among my favourite songs. Just hoped it was rated higher… I love sonu nigam’s rendition of that song..
    Just a suggestion.. Instead of monthly top 10.. I think it would be novel if it was once in 3 months.. and I would advice you to publish Top 10 for the year aswell.

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