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Top 10 South Indian Songs for August 2011 (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam Songs)

In this post I would like to present my choice for the Top 10 South Indian songs for August 2011. That means, all the songs selected here are taken from movies released in the month of August 2011.

South Indian Songs = Tamil Songs + Telugu Songs + Kannada Songs + Malayalam Songs.

I tried my best to listen to all the songs in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam & Kannada from movies released in one month – August 2011. But since this is an enormous task and since some songs were not available to listen Online, I might have missed some songs from a few movies.

My choice for Top 10 South Indian Movie Songs (Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada Songs) for August 2011:

No: 10Ninnanne nodutha (Mr. Duplicate) –  Language: Kannada

No: 9Naana naana (Mr. Duplicate) – Language: Kannada

No: 8Manasu manasu (Daggaraga dooranga) – Language: Telugu

No: 7Gundaki (Mugguru) – Language: Telugu

No: 6Yaru kaanaduru (Jogayya) – Language: Kannada

No: 5Uyire un mounam (Uyarthiru 420) – Language: Tamil

No: 4Un kannai partha piragu (Yuvan Yuvathi) – Language: Tamil

No: 3Sadhyamena (Keratam) – Language: Telugu

No: 2Jaadugara jokumara (Bhadra) – Language: Kannada

No: 1Ee rathri mazhayil (Arabiponnu) – Language: Malayalam

You can listen to these songs Online from the links given above.

Enjoy 🙂

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