How to irritate your friend using a cell phone?

1. You call your friend. After he/she picks up the phone,

You: Why did you pick up the phone?

Friend: What? You called me, didn’t you?

You: Yeah, I called you to listen to the caller tune song. Because you picked up the phone, the song is now cut.

Friend: !!!!!


2. Your friend calls you. You pick up the call.

You: Please check the Number you have dialed. Neengal dial seitha numberai thayavu seidhu sari parkkavum…

Friend: !!!!!


3. You send an SMS to your friend. Next day, your friend calls you.

Friend: Why did you send me an empty SMS yesterday?

You: That was a Missed SMS, like a Missed Call.

Friend: !!!!!


4. You call your friend. Your friend answers the call…

You: Sorry, wrong number.



5. You call your friend from a PCO. Your friend answers the call…

You: We are calling from your cell phone company. We have imposed a restriction of 100 missed calls per month for your account, as we have noticed an abnormally high number of missed calls originating from your number with no one picking up the call or calling you back.

Friend: !!!!!


Bonus: How to irritate your best friend using a cell phone?

You call your best friend on his/her birthday. Your best friend picks up the phone.

You: I got a missed call from this number recently, and I have been getting some spam SMS as well. Can you tell me who is this?

Best friend: !!!!!


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