My Autobiography : Exploring Mysteries of the world and beyond!

When we were kids, we used to discuss about a lot of things. We were living in flats, and we were a group of eager kids who were thirsty for knowledge. Knowledge that thrills us, not the boring bookish kind of knowledge. So, it was pretty normal in our flats to find a group of kids sitting in a circle and discussing about world affairs.

Seriously, we did discuss about world affairs. We knew about the cold war, we knew about who were our friends, who would help us in case of a war, what kind of bombs were made by which country, etc.

These were routine discussions, and my friends were so sure about the technicalities involved. They got away with it because no one bothered to check. As long as it sounded important and interesting, we wanted to believe in them! 

But certain situations required their own topics. Power cuts in the nights, for example. When the power goes off in our flats, we would close the books / homework and run out to meet all our friends. Near to complete darkness puts us in the perfect mood to discuss about the mysteries of the earth. And beyond.

For each topic, there was always one knowledgeable kid amongst us. The discussions would go like this –

“You know what, people in USA have spotted UFO”

“What is UFO?”

“Unidentified Flying Objects. They are the planes used by Aliens to go around the space”


“They are circular in shape and they are much faster than our airplanes or rockets. They can start and go to the space in two or three seconds. It seems some people were even abducted by the Aliens”

“Ooooooooo. Why don’t they come here?”

“Maybe they might. I heard that someone saw some bizarre looking circular disk in North India. That could be a UFO. In some country, a plane was flying fast. But it seems, the pilot lost all control for a short period of time and when they looked out of the window, they saw a UFO!!”


“Do you guys know about Bermuda Triangle?”

“No. What it is?”

“There is a triangular area in sea somewhere near the US. Which ever flight or ship that goes over it just disappears”


“They have searched under-water for the wreckage, but no one has got anything till now. Those planes/ ships have never come back. They are just gone…”


“Once, one pilot was driving a Jet plane in very high speed over this Bermuda Triangle. It seems he lost all his control and the plane crashed in a nearby sea. Luckily he survived, but lost all his memory. He is the only survivor, but he cannot recall any thing!”


I should admit that all these stories were not totally made up. Some of us might have got it from someone else and hence the story keeps traveling around with different versions. With each version, it gets more interesting! The facts were not important to us, but the mystery surrounding the facts, were.

Destination Infinity

PS: Innocence is a bliss isn’t it? Now since we know the facts about UFO and Bermuda Triangle, outer space and world have become so boring!

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