Memorials in Guindy – Gandhi, Rajaji, Kamaraj, Bhaktavatsalam Memorials

Quite near to the BM Birla Planatarium, Guindy National park and IIT campuses lie the various memorials of Guindy. These memorials are quite well designed and well kept, but it’s surprising to see the low tourist turn-out! Of course, a little face-lift can go a long way in projecting this memorial complex as a must-visit tourist spot in Chennai.

There are five memorials within a single campus – Rajaji Memorial, Gandhi Mandapam, Bhaktavatsalam Ninaividam, Kamarajar Ninaivagam, Thiyagigal Mandapam and Rettaimalai Sreenivasan Mani Mandapam. In this post, let us look at some video slide-shows prepared by me, for each of these memorials.

Rajaji Memorial:

You can see some photos I took at the Rajaji Memorial, in the above embedded Youtube video slide show. Rajaji was an eminent statesman during both pre and post Independence periods. Post independence, he held the posts of Governor of West Bengal, Governor General of India, Union Home minister of India and Chief Minister of Madras state. It seems, Rajaji played an important role in mentoring C N Anna Durai and establishing an effective anti-congress front in Tamil Nadu.

Gandhi Mandapam:

Some photos taken by me at the Gandhi Mandapam in Guindy (video slide show embedded above).  Mahatma Gandhi needs no introduction, so you can just view the above pictures 🙂

Kamarajar Ninaivagam:

Some pictures taken at the Kamaraj Memorial in Guindy are embedded in the above Youtube video slide show. K Kamaraj was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for 9 years and played an important role in the appointment of two Prime Ministers – Lal Bahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi. He is remembered most famously for introducing free eduction and free mid-day meals at Government schools, both of which played an important role in increasing the literacy rate.

Bhaktavatsalam Memorial:

You can see some photos taken at the Bhaktavatsalam Ninaividam or Bhaktavatsalam memorial in the above embedded Youtube video. M Bhaktavatsalam was a freedom fighter and a politician (congress party). He served as the Chief Minister of the Madras State from ’63 to ’67.

Rettaimalai Sreenivasan Mani Mandapam:

You can see some photos taken at the Rettaimalai Sreenivasan Mani mandapam in the above embedded Youtube video slide show. Rettaimalai Sreenivasan was a lawyer, journalist and an activist. He worked for the emancipation of the lower castes – Dalit community/ Adi-dravidars and died for the cause.

Thiyagigal Mandapam:

Some photos taken in front of/inside the Thiyagigal Mandapam at Guindy, Chennai can be seen in the above embedded Youtube video. I think I remember reading that the photos displayed in this memorial were of the people who sacrificed their lives fighting against the imposition of Hindi. Yes, I remember reading something like ‘Mozhipor Thiyagigal mandapam’, so that should be it.

Of course, the readers are encouraged to add any information they know about the above memorials. I think a park, in the lines of Semmozhi poonga needs to be developed around these memorials, to make them more appealing to tourists. And for heaven’s sake, provide some vehicle parking inside the venue (as so much of space is available), instead of making us park nervously outside the little space in front of the gate! A bus stand near this memorial complex will also help.

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