Lalbagh Botanical Gardens Bangalore – Get Mesmerized!


I have gone to the Lalbagh gardens twice before (most recent being 4 years back), and at that time I did not think of it as a great garden or anything. But my most recent trip to Lalbagh Botanical gardens in Bangalore changed my perspective. My, has the garden been revamped or something? It looks so mesmerizing now!


I was actually in two minds – whether to go or not. But since the Lalbagh flower show was held in January, I checked and it was on. So, I decided to go immediately. Of course, the Lalbagh flower show was very attractive, but the Lalbagh gardens itself surprised me!


I went in the morning, about 8:00 AM. I was surprised by the number of morning walkers and even joggers present in the park. When I was living in Bangalore, I woke up at 9:30 AM or even after that (it’s cold!). So, I admire people who wake up in the morning to do some exercise. Maybe, if a park like this was next to my house, I would have gone for walking in the mornings too? No chance! 🙂


There was a small rocky elevated surface inside this garden and the view from there was very nice. There is a small temple and people were just sitting all over the rock. Yeah, the climate of Bangalore is good enough for indulging in all those lazy activities. Can someone sit over it, if it was present in Chennai? Yes, if they want their backs to be burnt 🙂


Lalbagh is famous for housing various varieties of trees, plants and flowers but what I didn’t know is, they had a bonsai collection and a large vegetable plants collection (I guess for sale). It seems, the glass house, where the flower show is held was built in 1889, on the lines of crystal palace of London and was renovated in 2004.


Howz that statue? There are many chairs all around this park for people to sit. There are so many trees and plants (and of course flowers). The lawn/grass in the center of the park is very neatly maintained. The dustbins are innovatively designed – They sort of entice you to use them! Nice idea, actually. The below photo was taken in the garden (not in the flower show) – I wonder how many flowers can one see on a single day! 🙂


Ok, these are the tourist spots within lalbagh that needs to be visited by any tourist:

1. Floral Clock; 2. Maharaja Statue; 3. Aquarium; 4. Band stand; 5. Rose garden; 6. Lake; 7. Watch tower; 8. Silk cotton tree; 9. Tree fossil; 10. Lotus pond; 11. Glass house; 12. Dove cot; 13. Farm information unit; 14. Bonsai garden; 15. Kempagowda tower; 16. Topiary garden; 17. Japanese garden; 18. Directorate

Have a look at the Video Slide Show of many more pictures taken in Lalbagh from the below embedded youtube video (if you have time).


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  • Sandhya Kumar

    The peacock looks beautiful. Felt sad looking at the waste papers strews all over. We lived in Bangalore during the late early 80’s. We used to visit this place often. Have got sweet memories of those visits with our small children. Thank you.

    • Rajesh K

      Maybe because I see even more waste papers, I was blind to the limited amount of papers over there! But I think it is relatively neat and quite pleasant.

      Destination Infinity

  • Sarita

    I have been to bangalore many times before on work but never got time to see much of bangalore.

    Garden looks so beautiful,hope to visit this place….

    • Rajesh K

      It is a lovely garden indeed. You need something to be left out for your next visit no, maybe due to that no one told you 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  • kanagu

    I went there 14 years before and I liked it. I remember the rock you have told. I think I have a pic of it 🙂

    Anyway would like to see now as you have said there could have been some changes in the last 4 years. Peacock looks beautiful 🙂 First pic also really good 🙂

    • Rajesh K

      I vaguely remember going to this place before about 4 years, and I didn’t like anything other than the flower show. Maybe I didn’t go around fully.

      Destination Infinity

  • Nancy

    Lalbagh has always been a special for me……especially the flower show. The flower show would always start on Republic Day & my birthday fell on RD. So going to Lalbagh and seeing the flower show was my present :-). But we stopped going in the 90’s….too much crowd :-P.
    U say it is revamped….will not miss it this time when I go for vacation 🙂

    • Rajesh K

      I think it is revamped because I find it much better now, than four years back. I think you got the best possible present on a birthday 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  • Rahul

    This looks like a totally transformed Lalbagh from what I saw a few years back! A change which is positive unlike many others:) Thanks for this lovely post!

  • Vaish

    Wow! Gorgeous pictures! Loved the first and the peocock picture…wonder how many people work to make these beautiful garden!
    But why do I see some waste papers on the corners in couple of pictures?
    Ahem..ahem….I also notice orre love signs on the video 😉

  • Jayanthi

    I you have not done this, I would suggest you do the Lalbagh botanical walk with Vijay Thiruvady that happens every sunday. I certainly changed my perspective and made me fall in love with this city.

    Google on Bangalore walks and you will find the details.
    Your pics are amazing. I should probably visit Lalbagh once more.

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