Me Vs My mind @ 30!

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Do you have a dialogue with your mind? My mind keeps torturing me all the time! I will  give you an example discussion that happened between me and my mind in the following two instances.

Bold represents conversations of my mind.

Italics represents my conversations to my mind.

Somehow, I see myself and my mind as separate entities! Anyway,

Recently, I was going in my bike when I see a second-hand book shop on the road. So, I stop there and select two books to buy. Here is the conversation between me, my mind and the book shop guy.

Ok. Now you are 30 and have reached the middle age. You have to handle yourself like a middle-aged person.

How do I do that?

Show some maturity in what ever you do. Handle things like an expert. Ok, now go and handle this negotiation like a pro.

Me: “I want these two books, how much do they cost?”

Book shop guy: “180 rupees”

Me: “I will not pay you anything more than 120 rupees”

Book shop guy: “Ok, take it”

Me: “!!!!!”

Can anyone negotiate worser than what you just did? Is this the way to negotiate? This was excusable when you were 20-something, but now you have the responsibility of the middle age. Can’t you handle things better?

Those books are worth that price, yaar. Think about it, that guy might have a family to support.

Are you here to buy or do charity? Don’t give silly excuses, that too after reading a whole book – ‘You can negotiate anything”!!!


Another day, I go to the electricity board to pay the EB bill.

Handle this like an adult. See how others are going to the counter, paying their bill and walking away. You too have to do it like them. Smooth, without any hassles.


Lady at the counter: “Why are you giving me three EB books?”

Me: “One book for each phase, you know…”

Lady at the counter: “Are you paying the EB bill for the first time?”

Me: “Yes. !!!!!”

Lady at the counter: “If you are not going to tell me why you are giving me three books, I am not going to accept any payment. Others will also wait”.

Then I look into those three EB books amidst protests from the crowd. Two of them were old ones where all rows were filled up, one was new that contained the latest bill details. Then I give that book, pay the amount and come out.

Is this the way you handle things? Did anyone mess up like you? Can’t you handle a simple bill payment peacefully? Also, what’s with this T-shirt? Did you not notice that all people of your age were wearing shirts? I don’t think you deserve the age of 30. You are demoted to 29!!!

Well, since my mind demoted me to 29, I keep my age as ’29’ in the ‘About’ section. What say people? 😉

Destination Infinity

PS: If you are wondering about that picture in the beginning, I, symbolically represent the puppy and the firm hand gripping around me is my mind!

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30 thoughts on “Me Vs My mind @ 30!

  1. You know what! Even I talk to my mind! 😛
    Hell………..I even play antakshhari with it! 😀
    But this is too much! Okay…….When it comes to my level, it is not 😛
    And I have had that bargaining argument between me and my mind several times!

    And the puppy is soooooooooooo cute!

    1. You play antakshari with your mind? The relationship between you and your mind is on a different level altogether 😀

      Destination Infinity

  2. Belated Happy Birthday 😀 Congratulations on turning 30 😀
    I refuse to consider 30 as middle age and my mind supports it 😀 😀
    I too hold many similar discussions, arguments and even scolding sessions with my mind… it’s quite enlightening at times 😛
    Loved the picture

    1. I have tried to enlighten my mind a few times before, but it just doesn’t listen to me!! Yeah, I have got enlightened by it many times. Instead of calling that age 30, maybe we can call it 29-something? Sounds better 🙂

      Destination Infinity

    1. People have written a lot of books on memory. But a very few of them deal with understanding the mind itself. It’s very difficult.

      Destination Infinity

  3. call it 28+2…why say 30 and demotivate yourself 🙂 But still 30s can’t wear T-shirts??? where is it written?
    But yeah…3o does panic us – responsibility, maturity,and all that crap!! Through them in dustbin and enjoy!
    All of us have conversations with mind…Sometimes you dominate it, and other times it dominates you. It’s called Psyche – combination of conscious and subconscious mind…
    There is a theory developed by Sigmund Freud about this..if you are interested read them here..,_ego,_and_super-ego

    1. I will read that link. In fact, I was thinking about writing something on Freud. Let’s see when I am able to get it done…

      In my case, my mind always dominates me! 🙂

      Destination Infinity

    1. I tried to make some kind of connection, but looks like it did not work out! So, I declare that the post is separate and the picture is separate. Text blog + photo blog in one post 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  4. he he.. demoted to 29????
    I so loved this post!! catching up soonnnn (to that age, I mean.. 🙁 🙁 gotta handle things better).. I am still a baby.. still a kid!! 🙂 nooooooo!!!!
    Can we all demote ourselves to … say? the sweet 16??? forever??

    1. I do agree with the second part of your statement 🙂 Would you believe if I said I like being a middle aged person? 😉

      Destination Infinity

  5. It is difficult to accept 30s 40s. Even 20s, because you come out of teens.
    Conversation with mind is a sign of imagination, I think. Good sign. But you seem to be having a little poor opinion about yourself.
    A belated happy birthday to you. Good wishes.

  6. You become 30!!! The number makes me fear!!! But your mind says 29… go with it 😀 😀 Well.. I do have such conversations but something will distract me in between and the conversation dies down 😀 😀

    Try that 🙂

    1. My mind doesn’t seem to get distracted so easily. But still I’ll keep trying 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  7. Middle aged at 30 – go ON! What does that make us (at least) over 30s? I have to be honest – there are some things I miss about India but bargaining is definitely not one of them.

    1. I don’t know if you’d believe it, but I have a desire to be older than what I am 🙂 That’s one reason why I try to push 30 as the middle age, but people don’t seem to agree with it… Ok then, I will get to the middle age when it comes 🙂

      The problem with bargaining is, I am prepared with some argument and some replies but the people on the other end surprise me with a totally different strategy every time!

      Destination Infinity

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