Short Stories (Fiction)

A short but Shocking Ghost story :O

Ghost light

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

As usual, I was sitting in my room and browsing the net. It was around 11:45 PM in the night and am usually awake at that time. I like the silence of the night. And the stillness. And the darkness.

But this night was unusually silent. And still. And dark. I could feel the stillness within me. Around me.

Though the computer was connected to the net, my thoughts were somewhere else. Somewhere far away, somewhere deep, somewhere…

Suddenly, the net gets disconnected. For no reason. But, that happens. I just need to wait for sometime before it gets reconnected. It’s silent around and it’s the night. I am at peace with myself during this time, usually. So, no problem.

I turn around to see what else I could do. There was a mirror in one corner of my room. As I approach it, the lights go off. The current gets cut! Ah, the EB department. I fire them in my mind and light a candle.

Oh, the candle light. It hurts my eyes. I hate fire. Anyway, got to live with it for today.

All the stillness of that night was replaced by some sound just outside my house. Someone was coming. I check the time, it’s almost 12 AM in the mid night. Who could it be? Visitors don’t come in at this time.

There is some sound and the front door lock is opened. I could hear it.

Oh my God! Could it be a thief opening the door with a set of duplicate keys? But wait, there’s another door. This one has an electronic lock. Difficult to break.

Another minute passes. The second lock is also opened. Was it broken? No. It was just smoothly opened. Someone had the duplicate keys to our house!

I stood frozen in my room. I didn’t know what to do. Do I shout and wake up the neighbors, call the police with my cell phone? The candle light goes away too.

There is only me in this house. And a candle without light. And fear. And darkness.

One person opens the door of my room. He is almost my height. But it’s too dark to see who it is.

Just in that moment, the power comes back. I am just five feet away from that person. I can see him clearly now.

He’s wearing the same shirt as mine. The same trousers, as well. Wait a minute, he looks just like me! My God, He is Me!!

We stare at each other in disbelief and shock. Two people just like each other. In the same house. There were no words. Only silence. And my favorite stillness.

My family members gather behind him and all of them look at me strangely. How can I tell them that he was a ghost? Won’t they be shocked?

The candle falls down. I bend down to take it, and what do I see? I have no legs! But the other person standing in the opposite, has legs!

That means?

Yes. I was the ghost!

I show them my real figure. Which is,


Skeleton halloween

Image credit: Sister72. This image is published under this creative commons license.

And then I Vanish.



Destination Infinity

PS: Before cursing me in your minds, please know that I was inspired by this blog post, written on a similar topic 🙂

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