Short Stories (Fiction)

Two short stories with sad endings

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Story 1:

He thought he got the most important thing he wanted in his life – His love!

She was pretty, attractive and beautiful. All three combined into one. Even the word ‘gorgeous’ would not be enough to describe her beauty. A rare earth angel straight from heaven. Specially ordered, made by God and carefully delivered to him. Two eyes were not enough to look at her!

He thought he had won her love competing against so many young men. After all, she was one of the nicest looking girl in the whole colony. Who would not want to fall in love with such a damsel?

He thought he was gutsy when he actually mustered all the courage to go and propose to her. How many people would have that confidence in themselves? How many people would have the confidence to face the eyes of their lover and say those three important words? Three words that would decide his future. Three words that would decide his happiness. Three words that would decide his destiny.

The five minutes after he proposed were the longest in his life. She was stunned and didn’t speak a word during the entire time. They knew each other before, but were not very close or anything. He wanted to run away at that moment but he held his ground. He was ready to take a chance. He was ready to go away from her and not look at her way for ever, if she refused. But what if she accepts? That very thought was like sweet nectar in his mind. He had to take this chance.

After five long minutes of waiting, came the reply. She looked at him from the corner of her eye, blushed, smiled and went away. That was the moment of glory he was waiting for. He couldn’t believe his luck. It was as if the whole world was conspiring to help him achieve the love of his life. He was the happiest person on earth.

And then they got married.


Story 2:

His parents and relatives kept pestering him on what kind of girl he wanted to marry. Initially, he didn’t want to marry so early but they pointed out to him that he had achieved so much in life (studies, career, car, etc) and hence he deserved the grandest prize of them all – Marriage. That would complete him as a person.

After a short time, unable to handle the sweet pressure he gave in and told them that he wanted a good girl with whom he can spend the rest of his life happily. After all, elders knew better than him, right? The elders got into the act immediately.

He went to look at a prospective bride. He fell in love with her instantly. Oh, such an innocent girl! Can anyone be more innocent than her? She was so shy and nervous to even speak a few words with him. She was listening patiently to whatever he said and during the entire discussion, was looking at the floor and nodding in acceptance to whatever he said.

He thought he was very lucky to get such an innocent and good girl. She was also looking good in that silk saree, which was an added bonus. He started pestering his parents and relatives on when they were going to get him married to her. They told him that some ‘formalities’ needed to be discussed with the girl’s side and he needs to wait for some more time.

He knew that he had identified the person of his life and that the match was made in heaven. But why were the elders not showing the eagerness that he had? At last, after a lot of discussions (in which obviously he was not involved), the marriage date was fixed.

And then they got married.


Unrelated quote: “It doesn’t matter whether you fall into the well by jumping inside yourself or others are going to push you”

Destination Infinity

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